About Michael Angier

Michael E. Angier is the founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of Success Networks International based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He’s a father, grandfather, husband, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and student.

He’s the author of 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead and 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best. His newest book is The Achievement Code.

Michael's work has been featured in numerous publications such as USA Today, Selling Power, Home Business Magazine, Opportunity World, Personal Excellence and Sales & Marketing Excellence as well as dozens of electronic publications. He's been interviewed on both TV and radio many times.

His internationally popular articles have earned him a Paul Harris Fellowship with Rotary International. 

Mr. Angier has experienced personal and professional success, but he’s also suffered bitter defeat. Although certainly preferring the former, he feels that he’s learned the most from his struggles and disappointments. He feels that life’s greatest lessons are learned by overcoming the obstacles in the path of a challenging and worthwhile objective.

Michael’s passion is human potential. He believes fervently in the indomitable human spirit and revels in helping people and companies grow and prosper.

As a child, he started reading biographies of famous people and was fascinated by their lives and their contributions to the world. Over the past 40+ years, Michael has devoted himself to studying what works and has been an ardent student of the principles of success. He’s taught seminars and conducted workshops on goal setting, motivation and personal development in six countries.

He sees a worldwide association of success-minded, high-integrity people who want not only their own success, but want to help others to achieve their potential as well. 

Mr. Angier is a positive and optimistic man. He views the next few decades as a time of unparalleled change and incredible opportunity. He sees “high-tech” merging with “high-touch” in a way that could allow for personal and spiritual transformation to seem almost magical. He sees science and spirituality as complementary.

Michael feels that there are three things essential to living a fulfilling and successful life: a purpose to live for, a self to live with and a faith to live by.

Michael is married to Dawn Angier—his partner, best friend, mentor, teacher, student and confidante. They have six adult children and five grandchildren. Michael enjoys tennis, traveling, reading and helping people realize their dreams.