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Michael Angier

 Saturday, February 07, 2009

Michael Angier
founder & president

Michael Angier here with a rundown of some of the tools, tips, strategies, tactics and freebies we shared with our members and subscribers this past week . . .

Yes, You CAN Create and Sell High-Ticket Products & Services
Our friend and colleague Glenn Dietzel has put together an intriguing and well-organized eBook on “How to Effectively Create and Sell High Priced Programs”.

This free eBook ($159 value) contains a complete and easy-to-
understand overview of a new paradigm--the Recommendation Age
Backend Funnel.

AND, he shares specific cash-flow accelerators so you can create and sell $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 programs and services that will
have your optimum clients craving a relationship with ONLY you for

So grab yours now right here . . .

Free Teleseminar on Generating Tons of Traffic
Join us on Thursday, February 19, at 5 PM to hear SEO expert Paul Counts give us the latest tips, tricks and strategies for delivering lots of visitors to your web pages.

Access details will be given to all subscribers who have downloaded his free eBook.

Go to SuccessNet Traffic and get your "8 Proven Strategies for Getting Large Amounts of Free Traffic to Your Website".

Brevity Small Business Club
Click here and check this out  . . .

Experience the free sample of what you get weekly when you sign up for Rick Raddatz's Brevity Small Business Club.

We joined. It's way too good to pass up.

New Video on Your Support Structure for You & Your Business
Click here to view and see what it's all about.

Our Newest Product Available to All Subscribers
(GREAT Tool) . . .

If you'd like to find the missing pieces of your business puzzle, we invite you to download your Small Business Assessment today.

There are things you should know about your business that you probably don't. This tool can help you get a better understanding about where your business is so you can take it where you want it to go.

Click here to get your free download now . . .

Quote du jour
"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do."

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Make it a great day,

Michael Angier, founder and CIO
(Chief Inspiration Officer) of SuccessNet

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