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101 Best Ways To Be Your Best

(printed book)
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101 Best Ways to Be Your Best book Significantly enhance your ability to consistently operate at your personal and professional best.

Michael Angier shares stories of struggle and achievement, offers practical advice, motivates you on a quest for your best and shares the steps of his own personal journey from Vermont farmer to international success guru.

Through easy-to-read stories and passages, Michael reveals:

  •  What a simple tennis game can teach you about goal setting
  •  The vital importance of thankfulness
  •  How setting clear intentions increases your chance of hitting your mark
  •  Why worrying is counterproductive to achieving your goals
  •  And much, much more...


“Michael Angier gives a textbook full of the ABCs to success. Not only a must read, but a very enjoyable one as well!”

—Jim Rohn
author of The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle and
America's Foremost Business Philosopher


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101 Best Ways To Get Ahead
(printed book)
Our Price: $19.95 $12.95)
You save: $7.00 (35%)

101 Best Ways to Get Ahead Solid gold advice from 101 of the world's most successful people. Real people, real success, real advice.

Imagine a whole group of successful men and women sharing their best advice on how you can get ahead in the world! What kind of difference would that make in your life - personally and professionally? Imagine how your life can be transformed.

“This is a great book, full of powerful, practical ideas you can apply immediately to improve your life.”

                              —Brian Tracy
                                author of Getting Rich Your Own Way

Here's just a sampling of what this book will do for you:

  •  Gain access to a wealth of wisdom and experience. 
  •  Get personal advice from some of the greatest role models of our generation. 
  •  Delve into the personalities and accomplishments of 101 of the most successful and respected modern-day men and women.
  •  Discover what they have to say about getting ahead in the world today. 
  •  Learn from them to ignite the passionate pursuit of your full potential.


“What a priceless collection! I quickly skimmed it and kept stopping at true words of wisdom. There is something here for everyone, no matter your mood or your profession. I love it!”

—Dr. Joe Vitale
author of too many books to list here, including The Attractor Factor