SuccessNet's Creed

The principles and beliefs upon which SuccessNet was founded and the guidelines by which it operates.

1. We believe that we have a responsibility—a sacred trust—to conduct business with the utmost integrity and with impeccable ethics. We further believe that this responsibility goes beyond mere legality and encompasses a sense of fair play for all involved. We play win-win and we play it well.

2. We believe business is all about relationships—that good business is built by creating relationships of trust, by keeping agreements and maintaining integrity.

3. We believe that commerce has been and will continue to be a primary influence in world issues and that world peace is furthered by strong and interrelated business alliances. As business and people become more interdependent upon one another, we become freer and decrease the likelihood of armed conflict because we realize it’s impossible to sink half the ship.

4. We believe that by providing excellent products and services, people will reward us with their business. When we promise a lot and deliver even more, we secure the loyalty and patronage of the consumer. We commit to constant and never-ending improvement of what we offer our customers.

5. We believe every customer, employee, stockholder, servant, competitor and partner is first and foremost a person—a unique expression of Universal Spirit—someone who deserves our respect and consideration.

6. We believe in the resilience and potential of the human spirit, that as men and women we are created with the capability of accomplishing anything—although not necessarily everything—we set out to do.

7. We believe success is indeed a journey and not a destination—that it’s not what we achieve, but rather what we become in the process of our achievements. It's not what happens to us but what we do about what happens to us that makes the difference.

8. We believe we must give in order to receive—that if we help enough other people get what they want, we can get what we want. We commit to serving and supporting others—to helping them realize their potential and, in the process, realize our own.

9. We believe in dreams—that all great achievements in history came from the pursuit of a dream, and that it’s incumbent upon us to discover, honor and fulfill the dreams we have within us.

10. We believe the path of mastery is through the joy of creating excellence in all that we do and the way in which we do it. When we do what we love, we're not only happier, we produce better products and services.

11. We believe that clarity leads to power. When we're clear on our objectives, know what our core values are and consistently focus on the things that matter, we really can accomplish anything we choose.

12. We believe that change is not only inevitable but good; not only unpredictable, but also stimulating and educational. It’s rarely comfortable, but it’s essential to our growth and development. Accepting change and adapting to it will always win out over resistance.

13. We believe mistakes and failures are an integral and necessary part of success and embrace them as learning experiences.

14. We believe the use of knowledge is power and we are committed to our own ongoing educational process. We further believe that our knowledge is to always be used for good—and never to cause harm.

15. We believe the sharing of information creates more freedom. It levels the playing field, thereby reducing injustice and making it more difficult for tyranny, prejudice, misunderstanding and inequality to reign.

16. We believe that a balanced life is the only life worth living. Without it, no real fulfillment can be experienced. Having financial success at the expense of one's health or one's family is not true success. We also recognize that striking this balance is not always easy.

17. We believe in having fun. Our work can and should provide us with enjoyment. And doing cool stuff IS fun. Heck, if it's not fun, why do it?

18. We seek to ADD VALUE instead of simply “make money”.

NOTE: If at any time you feel we're not living up to any part of this credo, please let us know. You will find us more than receptive to being made aware of any ways in which we're operating outside of these tenets.

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