Yes, You DO Have a Brand!

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Your brand is not your logo, your company colors or your trademark.

It's what people think of you.

It's your identity.

It may be positive or negative. Although it's rarely neutral.

It may be what you want it to be or it may be what your customers and the public have made up for you.

And you may not have any clue at all what it is.

Do you know? 

Most small business owners do not.

They may have an identified niche, but their brand could easily be substantially different from their niche.

Perhaps you've struggled with this for a long time. I sure have.

And sometimes, because of changing markets, products and industries, our brand needs to be redefined. There have been many companies—some of them very big—who failed to re-invent themselves, lost their brand and subsequently, lost the company.

Do you know how you are perceived by your customers? How about the prospects in your target market? Do they even know who you are?

One way to find out how you are seen in the market is to survey.

And I recommend you create your very own survey now to better understand YOUR brand.

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