Would You Buy Gas for $9 a Gallon?

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You thought $3 was a lot, didn't you? So why would anyone pay three times that price?

Well, they wouldn't . . . unless, of course, the $9 gas gave them 150 miles to the gallon.

No, I don’t think it's available yet, but let's just say someone HAD invented such a blend . . .

. . . Suppose this mega-premium petrol got you five times your current mileage. If you were confident it could deliver and had no adverse effects on your car's engine, it would be a bargain, wouldn't it? You pay three times as much, but you get five times the mileage. That's what you call a good deal.

And that's the point. It's not how much something costs; it's how much it's WORTH!

One of my guest subscribers wrote yesterday and complimented me on all the great resources I've been sharing with my readers. He said he'd love to become a Dimond Member, and get even more, but couldn't afford it. 

Maybe we haven't done our job well in telling this reader just how much he'd get as a member. Perhaps we haven't shown YOU.

You see, almost ANYBODY can get more value from being a member than what they invest--MUCH more, in fact. My business model is to deliver 5-10 times the value of what our members pay for ANYTHING they get from us—and that includes membership.

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Anyway, back to cost vs. value . . .

Make sure you're not competing strictly on price. Place your focus on what your product is WORTH. Look at each of your products and services and make sure the value is there. If it's not, add the value in rather than reduce the price.

I've learned from experience that if people see you as having low prices, they don't expect much and they don’t buy much.

Here at SuccessNet, we make big promises and work hard to over-deliver on them.

For instance, we promise to help our members earn more money, keep more of what they earn and make their life and business easier.

Do you see how simple that makes our decisions when it comes to the products and projects we consider? If it doesn't fulfill some or all of those promise, we don’t do it.

I told someone recently that our target market is frustrated entrepreneurs. By that I mean small business owners who are tired of going it on their own. They want trusted information to make good decisions in their business. They want access to the latest resources. They want encouragement. And they want ideas to lift them above the day-to-day tasks in which we all become mired.

We certainly offer tactical and strategic advice, but by and large, we operate on proven principles and core concepts that help our members get clear, stay focused and consistently make progress in achieving their objectives.

How do you put a price on that? Frankly, I'm not always sure. But I do know that quite a few people find that the cost is much less than the value received.

We don’t apologize for our prices. But if we had to, we would much rather apologize once for price than apologize for quality and value forever. Wouldn't you?

When you price YOUR product or service, make sure the value exceeds the price—regardless of your price point.

Remember, limited thinking people ask, "How much does it cost?" Successful people want to know how much it's worth. And that's a very important distinction indeed.

When you consider buying something, ask yourself what it's worth rather than what it costs. You'll find that it will serve you well.

Who knows? We may just be buying $9 a gallon gas before too long. I just hope it's worth it.

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