Which Words Sell in 15 Seconds or Less?

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15 SecondsAndy, from Portland, Oregon writes, "We just bought a full-page ad in our local newspaper promoting our computer sales and repair services, and as far as I can tell we didn't get a single response. Why didn't our newspaper ad bring in even one sale?"

Perhaps you've had a similar experience.

How would you like your ads or sales pitch to get people's attention in 15 seconds or less? Of course you would. Who doesn't?

If you could consistently sell your services or products in 15 seconds or less, imagine how much more money you'd make and how much free time you'd have to enjoy your family and your life.

Is it realistic to expect your sales pitch or your ads to grab your prospect's attention, capture their imagination and prompt them to buy from you in 15 seconds or less? Of course not, but your ads can get the sales conversation started—if you know which words to include in them.

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What's the key to making your sales pitch and your ads work so they start the marketing and selling process in 3 to 30 seconds?
It's the promise you make to your prospects and clients.

If you make the right promise—you'll have clients streaming in the door. If you don't include one or make the wrong one, you'd be better off not running your ad—because you're not going to get the response you want.

Using Promises
Promises are powerful. Think about it. When someone tells you how great they are or how wonderful their products are, how seriously do you take them? But . . . when they make a promise, you pay attention. I'm sure you've heard of one of the most often-made promises that consists of just two words.

If you've ever been to a wedding, you know the one I'm talking about. It's "I do."

Here are a couple more examples of marketing and sales promises:

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"Help you earn more money, keep more of what you earn and make your life and your business easier and more fulfilling"—that's my promise to anyone who becomes a member of SuccessNet.

"30-minutes or it's free" was Domino Pizza's promise. And it helped them build a huge business, even though many people thought their pizza tasted like cardboard.

"When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight" is FedEx's promise to you when you need to make sure your documents or packages get there the next day.

Whether it's your ads, your mailings, your sales pitch or your website—it's the promise that you make that is the key to getting your prospects' attention and interest. Charlie Cook calls it your 15-Second Marketing Message.

When you make a promise, people expect you to keep it or they may want to see if you can, as in the case of Dominos.

Do you have a 15-Second Marketing Message that includes the number one promise you make to prospects? Want to discover how much more business you could be bringing in if your ads worked better?

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What's the key to instantly increasing your sales by 50 to 300 percent?

Start by crafting a compelling 15-Second Marketing Message using this simple selling strategy. Use it in your ads, on your web site and in your brochures, and see your leads and sales triple.

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