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Dawn and I just got back from Philadelphia where we attended the second Infopreneur Think Tank brilliantly facilitated by my friend Sterling Valentine. We spent three days understanding better where we were in our respective businesses, determining where we want to go and brainstorming the best ways for us to get there.

We met new friends, reconnected with old ones and formed some new and powerful alliances. It was invaluable and an extremely important part of our continuing education about our craft and our industry.

Getting away with other people of like mind and learning from each others' knowledge and experiences is one of the best ways I know to stay ahead of a rapidly changing field.

The participants played full out, giving their best counsel to others and listening carefully to the advice and experience that was shared. There were experts for sure, but there were no "gurus" in the room. To borrow an intranet term, it was a "peer-to-peer network."

The daytime sessions were long, and we stayed up late talking shop and having fun (see the pics). We came home tired, invigorated, clearer and more motivated than ever. As a result of feedback we got, we shifted some projects, killed another and came up with several more. 

What about you? What do you do to further your knowledge of your industry? What are you doing to improve your skills and gain new knowledge? When was the last time you got away from your business to work ON it instead of IN it?

Action Point
Only through this type of endeavor will you gain the clarity of deciding where you want to go and develop the strategies to get there.

It's also important to get a clear picture of where you are now in your career or business. One of the tools that can really help you get a handle on where you truly are is our "Benchmark" which is this week's featured Gold Mine Tool.

Take every opportunity you can to learn from the experts, from your peers and from your trade associations about best practices for your business.

Another process for taking your business to the next level is to become part of the World Class Business Coaching that will start in September. This is not for everyone, but if you're really serious about building a business with a solid foundation—one that will last 100 years or more—I recommend you consider World Class Business.

To find out more about the Infopreneur Think Tank, click here. Be sure to get on Sterling's mailing list to stay abreast of upcoming events and resources.

Link to Think Tank pictures.

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