A Good Way to Evaluate Your Business

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Dawn and I went through an interesting exercise this past weekend.

We each made lists of what we would like the other to do MORE of and what we would like the other to do LESS of.

The resulting lists are a bit too personal for me to share here, but I can tell you that we were both surprised at some of the things that ended up on these two lists. The process allowed us to each gain greater insight into what the other wanted—or DIDN'T want.

Some great dialog ensued, and we came away from the experience with better understanding and more awareness. And since we both want to support one another in the best way we can, I'm sure we'll be able to please each other more and irritate each other less than before.

It goes to show that even after 15 years together, we still have a lot to learn about one another.

Since this exercise worked so well for our relationship, I decided to apply it to our business.

It's a take-off on the old Start/Stop, More/Less process. Let's say you were starting your business all over again, or you were buying it from someone else. What would you START doing that you aren't currently doing and what would you STOP doing that you're doing now?

Also, what would you do MORE of and what would you do LESS of than at present?

The document I created, which you're welcome to use yourself, focuses on More/Less.

Access your copy in MS Word format here .

Print out a copy for yourself and the rest of this article will make more sense.

I also broke the More/Less down further into Be, Do, Have.

In the column for “more”, what would you want to “Be” more of? Profitable? Better known? Bigger? Fun?

What would you want to DO more of? Delegating? Outsourcing? Networking?

Lastly in the More column, what do you want to HAVE more of? Passive income? The right team? Higher average sales? More customers?

Now it's time for the LESS column. What would you like to be LESS of? Complicated? Serious? Formal?

What would you like to DO less of? Copying the competition? In-house work? Mundane tasks?

And what would you like to HAVE less of? Debt? Problem customers? Reworks?

By going through this process with yourself and other stakeholders, you'll have a better handle on where you are and where you would like to be.

It's another tool to help you gain clarity and focus. By doing that, you'll open the way to making improvements in your organization that will create more success.

Try it. You can never become too clear.

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