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Sunday, August 9, 2009

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The Recession's Over, Now What?
The leading indicators and many top economists are now telling us the recession is over—or at least that it’s bottomed out.

If that’s the case, what remains to be seen is how quickly the economy rebounds—especially unemployment, which always lags behind the economic numbers.

They say this was/is the worst recession since the great depression. If that’s true, it didn’t seem all that bad to me. The planes I flew on were almost always full—and here in Vermont, there were no cutbacks in flights. Restaurants seem pretty busy to me, too.

However, on a recent trip to Florida, I did see quite a few closed businesses and LOTS of houses for sale—many of them empty. Makes me wonder where all those people are living now.

So what about you? How did you fare in the last 20 months or so?

I hope you weren’t hit too badly.

But regardless of how it affected you, the bottom line is how you handled it. And more importantly, what you will do now.

As in anything, it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we RESPOND to what happens to us that makes the difference.

I believe there are many good things that will come out of this recession.

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Quote du jour
“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”

—Ram Dass

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