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Michael Angier

 Sunday, April 26, 2009 

Michael Angier
founder & president

April 30 5 PM ET Traffic School with Paul Counts
Secrets to generating free, targeted traffic in 24 hours or less. Brand new strategies to get prospects and customers to your site.

May 14-16 Phil Humbert's World Class Life Conference
What could you achieve with more focus, more energy & more effective goals? Click on link above to find out more.

May 28 Author 101 University in NYC
Top publishing and marketing experts reveal tools and techniques to get your book published and double or triple your income as an author or publisher.

November 6, 7 & 8: SuccessNet Summit in Dallas, TX
Put these dates in your calendar now. Great speakers, profit-generating content. Details to come.

The Art of Inspiration
What exactly is inspiration? We often talk about being inspired—inspired to do some thing, a feeling of inspiration: “I felt inspired.” We speak about inspiring people: “She's an inspiring speaker.”

The word inspire comes from the word spirit, the Latin spîritus, meaning breath, which was derived from the verb spîrâre 'breathe'. In the Augustan period, it gradually began to take
over as the word for soul.

For me, inspiration is something that touches me deep within my soul. I feel it. It's a connection with something bigger than myself. And I like it. Most people do.

Read the rest of this article here . . .

Traffic School with Paul Counts—Secrets to Generating Free, Targeted Traffic in 24 Hours or Less: 5 PM ET April 30

Discover how to conduct keyword and niche research like a seasoned SEO professional in minutes, and literally find the best keywords to go after.
  • The key components your website must have to make sure you maximize the amount of free targeted traffic coming to your site!
  • Discover the proven formula for getting free targeted traffic to your website within 24 hours. Apply this strategy and you can start seeing dollars and subscribers in days not months!
  • Start using these 4 websites in your online marketing and watch your traffic soar!
  • Discover this one under-used traffic tactic that your competitors all wish they had in their marketing arsenal, but now you can have what they don't!
  • Be one of a handful of people who understand what building “links to your links” means and why it can be so powerful for your online business!

Click here for access to this highly educational event . . .

Replay of Beth Schneider Interview
Stop letting your business run you. Listen in and learn how your business—with the proper systems—can run on its own.

Click here to discover the “3 Simple Steps to Double (or Triple) Your Profits, Cut Your Work Hours in Half & Enjoy a Business that Runs Itself”.

New White Paper on Online Business Solutions
You’ll find this helpful if you’re selling—or PLANNING to sell—on The Web.

Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Online eCommerce Solution: What to look for when you’re ready to add in a shopping cart to your online business and manage your mailing list.

In order to take orders over the Net, charge credit cards in real time and manage a mailing list of prospects and customers, you need the right eCommerce solution.

This white paper details the features and benefits you’ll want to look for in order to organize, automate and integrate your newsletter, mailing list and online product and service sales.

Download your copy of this report (in PDF format) here . . . there’s no need to opt-in.

And you’re welcome to use it as a bonus or giveaway to your friends, associates and clients.

$100 Discount is Going Away this Week
If you're not a member, this is a great time to grab a lifetime membership for half price. This substantial discount is going away soon, so act quickly.

The Top 9 Reasons to Be a Member . . .
Click here to see.

Webinar: Replay of The Seven Deadly Roadblocks that Stop You from Achieving the Success You Deserve—and Three Ways You Can Overcome Them.

Resale Rights Now Included with “Market You and Your Business on the Web(for less than $20, 2 hours & 2 cups of coffee—OK, maybe 3 cups)

Our new report is a practical, non-technical, beginner’s guide to get your Blog published. You do not need to know FTP, HTML or any of that.
Find out more about marketing you and your business here . . .

Yes, You CAN Simplify Your Life
Special Package: Two Powerful eBooks!

Find out more, read what others have to say about it and get your own copy by going to www.GetSimpleNow.com.

Diamond Club Members, get your 100% off coupon in the Resource Center under Member Freebies and Discounts.

And right now you can get the 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead eBook for only $4.

'Simplify' is now available from Amazon for your Kindle.

Other '101' books and reports
can be found here . . .

Quote du jour
“Success is going from failure to failure
without losing your enthusiasm.”

—Winston Churchill

Our Quotes Library is now an eBook.
Free to subscribers.
Click here to download your SuccessNet Quotations Library.

Make it a great day,

Michael & Dawn Angier

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