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Sunday, May 1, 2011
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My Book of Lists

Good day %$firstname$%,

I casually mentioned to a friend recently about my Book of Lists. He was curious about what that meant and what it contained.

As I told him what kind of lists I kept, he encouraged me to share the topics with my readers.

And so here are some of the list of lists that I track, add to and update to keep tabs on my life.

Your Book of Lists (should you choose to have one) may be different, but this will give you some ideas.

  • 101 Goals (ideas for goals)
  • 101 Practical Success Principles
  • 101 Reasons I Do What I Do
  • Beliefs
  • Big Dream List
  • Books I Love
  • Books to Read
  • Bucket List (things to do before I die)
  • Charities
  • Close Friends
  • Core Values
  • Defining Moments/Events/Experiences of My Life
  • Fun Things to Do (what brings me joy)
  • Habits to Acquire
  • Habits to Eliminate
  • Highest Pay-Off Activities
  • Investments
  • Inspire Myself and Others
  • Key People
  • Key Result Areas (mine)
  • Key Result Areas (staff)
  • Locations of Important Things
  • Meet List (people to meet)
  • Mentor List
  • Metrics (things to track)
  • Movie Favorites
  • Problems/Challenges I'm Facing
  • Projects (see BizPad)
  • Favorite Quotes
  • My Life Commitments
  • Skills to Acquire/Improve
  • SWOT List - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Things I Want to Know
  • Tolerations
  • Top Goals (see BizPad)

SuccessNet Principle #4: Correction Without Invalidation

There is no virtue in guilt. It’s a negative emotion and produces nothing but pain. We all make mistakes and a sign of maturity is to accept one’s errors, make corrections and move on.

It's easier said than done, I know—but you CAN learn how to do this.

You can't un-ring a bell. What's done is done.  And even God can’t change what’s already occurred.

What happened yesterday is just as over as the Civil War. And you should be no more upset about it than the tragedies of that time—because they're over.

Remember the 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Should on Thyself or Others.

Make the past into a springboard and not a hammock.

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101 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Quote de Jour

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you
to become the person it takes to achieve them.”


Jim Rohn


Make it a great day,

Michael Angier



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