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Sunday, May 15, 2011
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New and Different vs. Tried and True

I see many people today looking for the latest, greatest gadget, idea, tool or tactic to achieve the success they want.

Some people feel like they’re missing something. Others want to get the edge on everyone else by having the new-fangled “killer” app or seductive trick.

Still others are bored with the basics—the tried-and-true principles of success that endure.

Sure, it’s fun to play with new stuff. We see people get new cars, new wardrobes—even new wives and husbands. And for awhile they’re novel, they hold their attention. But eventually everything becomes familiar.

Beware the seduction of new and different when it comes to investing your most valuable assets like time, money and energy. You may find some benefit—for a short while—but my money is on the solid, practical and time-tested principles and strategies for success and happiness.

Can you imagine a professional baseball team only trying new things and not working on the basics? They wouldn’t be winning with any consistency and the other teams would surpass them easily.

And that’s why they focus on the fundamentals like batting, fielding, catching, pitching, etc. It might not be exciting, but it’s how they get better and how they win games.

You see, spectacular accomplishment is always preceded by less than spectacular preparation. The will to win is nowhere near as important as the willingness to PREPARE to win.

And I’m not suggesting that you only prepare. You can’t just study and practice. You have to play the game. But you have to focus on the fundamentals—however unsexy or mundane they may seem.

Once you master the fundamentals, you can try some new things—as long as that’s not the ONLY thing you do.

Our Diamond Club and Inner Circle programs are designed and are effective at grounding members in the fundamentals of clarity, concentration and consistency. Most, if not all success principles, fall into these three areas.

We do try new ideas, tools and resources, but we mostly work on the basics. And it works. It works very, very well.

We encourage you to join one of these programs and see for yourself how much more progress you can make by focusing on the fundamentals and staying consistent with the help of a coach and mastermind team. You’ll also have more fun and not feel so alone in your journey.

And if you’re not yet ready to make such a commitment, please avail yourself of our Success Fundamentals Package. We've put together a great package for you by bundling together our most popular programs and offering them to you at less than 50% of their individual selling prices. And right now it’s only $47 (with two extra bonuses).

Practical SuccessNet Principle #5: Leaders Are Readers

Now that doesn’t mean that ALL readers are leaders. It’s just that in this day and age, all leaders are readers.

This principle is closely related to SuccessNet Principle #2: You Can't Learn Less.

Reading a book a month may keep you in the game. Reading a book a week will put you out front.

Reading is a catalyst for great thinking. Consistently build your print and electronic library.

Read regularly. Journal and talk about what you’re reading.

In doing so, your knowledge, your clarity, your thinking and your success will surely grow.

Horace Mann wrote: “A house without books is like a room without windows.”

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Quote de Jour
“Success is nothing more than a few simple
disciplines, practiced every day.”

—Jim Rohn


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