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Sunday, march 27, 2011
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Overcoming Overwhelm?

Last Wednesday, Dawn and I conducted an in-depth, no-cost webinar on Overcoming Overwhelm.

And you can access the replay for this event by registering.

We provided several resources, tools and systems for you to get more done and enjoy doing it.

Click on this link to register and access the replay. . .

PS: You don't need to be a victim of overwhelm. You can be healthier, more confident and have more satisfaction when you know how to deal effectively with these feelings.

A Good Way to Evaluate Your Business (from the archives)

Dawn and I went through an interesting exercise this past weekend.

We each made lists of what we would like the other to do MORE of and what we would like the other to do LESS of.

The resulting lists are a bit too personal for me to share here, but I can tell you that we were both surprised at some of the things that ended up on these two lists. The process allowed us to each gain greater insight into what the other wanted—or DIDN'T want.

Some great dialog ensued, and we came away from the experience with better understanding and more awareness. And since we both want to support one another in the best way we can, I'm sure we'll be able to please each other more and irritate each other less than before.

It goes to show that even after 15 years together, we still have a lot to learn about one another.

Since this exercise worked so well for our relationship, I decided to apply it to our business.

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101 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life

This book started with a survey of the nearly 100,000 valued members and subscribers of SuccessNet. We asked them for their ideas for ways to simplify our lives. From there we researched, tested and compiled the best to bring you "101 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life". Click here >>


Would You Buy Gas for $9 a Gallon?

You thought $3 was a lot, didn't you? So why would anyone pay three times that price?

Well, they wouldn't . . . unless, of course, the $9 gas gave them 150 miles to the gallon.

No, I don’t think it's available yet, but let's just say someone HAD invented such a blend . . .

. . . Suppose this mega-premium petrol got you five times your current mileage. If you were confident it could deliver and had no adverse effects on your car's engine, it would be a bargain, wouldn't it? You pay three times as much, but you get five times the mileage. That's what you call a good deal.

And that's the point. It's not how much something costs; it's how much it's WORTH!

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20 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online

20 Step-by-Step Blueprints for Making $100 per Day Online

We read through the 247-page eBook and felt that the resources alone were worth the small asking price. It truly is a wealth of information and jam-packed with ideas to help you earn at LEAST $100 a day. It's proven. It's simple. It was created under the supervision of Willie Crawford. 

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“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

—Jim Rohn

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