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Sunday, February 20, 2011
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Stop Struggling—and Get Some Help

I would like to have a very personal phone conversation with you.

During this “Clarity Call”, I can help you . . .

  • solve a problem

  • brainstorm an idea

  • gain clarity about an issue

  • get advice on a course of action or

  • with a mini business makeover

I’m willing to give you my personal and professional best—one-on-one for 50 minutes. During this time I will listen, ask you questions, offer suggestions, provide resources, and help you get clear on the next steps for you to achieving your objective.

Or, I will help you get clear on what your top objectives are—what do you really want, why do you want it and how will you get there.

What would it be worth for you to get clear and go forward with confidence and clarity to achieve whatever you desire? Because of my knowledge, experience and perspective, I can save you time, energy, money and heartache.

I want to help you. I also want to get to know you. And I want you to see the value of having a trusted advisor to coach you as you navigate the narrows and rapids of achieving your most important goals.

I would normally charge $300 to $500 for something like this, but as part of our 15-Year Anniversary Sale, I will conduct one-on-one strategy sessions with the first 10 people who sign up for only $75.

And if at some point in the future you decide to join Diamond Club or my Inner Circle (where you get ongoing clarity calls and strategy sessions), I will credit your payment  toward that.

We have to limit the number of people I do this with because my schedule does not allow me to do more. But I want to make it affordable, while at the same time making sure participants are serious and have some skin in the game.

I’ll even guarantee the session. If you don’t think it was worth more than you paid, I will refund your payment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our lives and the success of our businesses often turns on a single encounter, an important decision or a moment of clarity and insight.

This could be one of those times.

Invest in yourself. It will be fun. It will be stimulating—and it’s guaranteed.

We’ll work on whatever you would like to work on.

Click on this link to enroll and I'll send you some available times for us to meet via phone or Skype.

I look forward to meeting you. But you must act quickly as I can only schedule 10 sessions over the next ten days or so.

And if you want to get a sense of my philosophies, my insights and my perspectives, the interview I did yesterday would be a good way to do that. 
Click here for the interview . . . 

Free Access to Training on Cutting Costs and Saving Money

Earlier this week, we held another training webinar for our Diamond Club and Money Maker Members.

It was on cutting costs and saving money.

  • Why a penny saved is more than a penny earned.
  • How being frugal can be fun.
  • You can be a good steward without being miserly.
  • Questioning your "have to" expenses.
  • Looking for the money you’re leaving on the table.
  • Renegotiating your costs.
  • Getting credit card companies to give you a break.
  • Other strategies & tactics on saving money.

We covered that and much more . . .

And we thought it would be a good idea to share it with you as an example of the kind of ideas, resources and training we provide three times a month.

Our focus this year is on improving our prosperity consciousness, increasing our income, reducing our outflow and eliminating debt.

If you're interested in any of that, I'm sure you'll appreciate this webinar and most likely will want to get in on the other trainings we've conducted and will offer in the weeks and months ahead.

And you can do that by joining either Money Makers, Diamond Club or Inner Circle.

To access this week's call (at no charge) click here . . .

PS: These trainings are only part of the many benefits these membership programs offer.

Are You Still Using a To-Do List? Really?

Using the old-fashioned To-Do list is better than no tool at all. But there really are much more effective tools you can use to efficiently manage your projects and tasks.

I’ve used dozens of different systems over the years to try and tame the task tiger. I’m a power user of Outlook and I still use index cards to make notes and write down the 3 to 7 things I want to do or focus on today.

In Outlook, I am a big fan of the calendar and the contacts list which sync up nicely with my Blackberry.

But until recently, every system I tried had its limitations, didn’t mesh well with other things I was using or was TOO powerful—and complicated—for my needs.

If you want to get things done—especially while working with staff, contractors and partners—you need a system that everyone can use and interact with.

A couple of years ago, our friend Rick Raddatz shared with us his idea for just such a system. And now, after going through several programmers, lots of testing and several big obstacles, he’s got it.

It’s called BizPad and it’s a super-easy way for teams to effectively and efficiently work together.

Rick is the founder of Xiosoft and creates tools and services for entrepreneurs. He’s one of the smartest and most innovative guys we know. He is also the creator ofAudioVideo and Lead Generator as well as Instant Teleseminar. We use all of these tools ourselves.

And we’ve been using BizPad here at SuccessNet since it first came out. We use it not only internally but also with contractors or anyone we would like to assign a task or keep abreast of what’s getting done—or NOT getting done.

We see this as a must-have tool.

We encourage you to watch the short video and try it out for only a dollar.

It’s one of those systems that has to be seen and USED in order for you to realize just how effective it is. It’s simple, easy to use and quick to learn.

I find it helps me think more clearly and have easy access to resources attached to projects and tasks.

Take it for a test drive and see how great it feels to get things done—easier, faster and with excellent tracking capability.

What Does Bizpad Do?
1. Systemizes Your Business
2. Manages Your Projects
3. Replaces eMail
4. Maximizes Productivity
5. Gets You Organized
6. Delegates Tasks!
7. Frees Your Cluttered Mind
8. Stores Company Knowledge
9. Manages Employees
10. Increases Business Value
11. Manages Client Relationships
12. Increases Accountability


Go here to watch the short video (that’s Rick doing the video) . . .

And try it out for just a dollar. 

Once you try Bizpad, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.  

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Need to find a way to earn some income from the web?

If so, you probably don't need the latest product or service being “mega-launched.”

Most likely all you need is a little personal help from someone actually doing it . . .

If nothing else, drop in for the complimentary membership.

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Quote du Jour

“Live life so completely that when death comes to you like a thief
in the night, there will be nothing left for him to steal.”

—author unknown

Make it a great day,

Michael Angier



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