The Ingredients of a REAL Business; Do You Know What They Are?

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Wednesday, June 9th 2010 4:30 AM

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The Ingredients of a REAL Business;
Do You Know What They Are?

to a Webinar on
The 7 Realities of Authentic Business


Hello Fellow Business Owner,

There are all kinds of businesses—small and large, simple and complex, high overhead and low. There are young businesses and old businesses—High profile and low profile.

Some people own businesses—and some are owned BY their business.

Some are profitable.

But most are not.

Do you have a REAL business? Does it operate on the REALITIES of business—the principles and practices that are tried and true?

Do you know what it takes to build and run a solid, profitable and principle-driven business?

We’re pleased to invite you to a free orientation class of the
first-ever Authentic Business Course.

During this Webinar, you’ll explore the 7 Realities of an Authentic Business and why they’re essential to compete effectively in this—or any economy.

An Authentic Business is not merely about ethics—it's much more than that. And I will explain what I mean by an Authentic Business when we get together.

I'm confident that there’s never been a better time for you to start and build your business your way—IF you know how.

And by attending this orientation (at no cost), you’ll gain valuable insight into operating an authentic business—one that offers real value, has real purpose and passion, makes a real difference and has real integrity.

You’ll also learn how you can become a part of a dynamic social network launching soon that’s dedicated to honor and principle in business. It’s called The Authentic Business Network.
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Join me on Wednesday, June 16th at 5 PM EDT to learn how the 7 Realities of Authentic Business can become your foundation for a solid, profitable, principle-driven business.
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Make it a great day, and build a great business
by joining us Wednesday, June 16th.

Michael Angier

PS: There is no commitment required in attending. I simply want you to have this information to help you build a business that represents who you really are. Because to get what you really want, you must be who you truly are.
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