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Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Friday Freebie: 5 Stages of Relationship
We've arranged for you to receive something very special from our good friends Paul and Layne Cutright.

Everyone else has to buy it in order to have it, but as a SuccessNet subscriber, you get it at no cost.

Did you know that . . . upsets, misunderstandings & miscommunications are inevitable and predictable in any relationship?

Not only that, upsets are actually unavoidable and recurrent for people who DO NOT know about the Five Stages of Relationships.

You see, all relationships go through five predictable stages. And the one that is usually most problematic and painful for people is the second stage, The Power Struggle.

Knowing these stages is like having a map that will help you to accurately assess where you are in your relationships, where you have been, and where you can go. This will also allow you to deal effectively with the particular concerns of the stage you are in.

If you don’t know that, you could easily misinterpret what is going on in the relationship, make misguided choices, and miss important learning and growth opportunities. Each stage requires a different, yet overlapping set of skills.

Success in relationships is about mastering these skills.

This self-assessment is very simple to do and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once you've completed the self-assessment you will have deeper insight into the inner workings of your most important relationships.

Simply go to this special webpage and request your free assessment.

World Hypnosis Summit
Bringing the power of hypnosis to the world . . .

The doors for the Hypnosis World Summit are officially open.
Are you tired of struggling with the same problems over and over again? Learn how to get relief from these issues once and for all. Learn EXACTLY how to do this from the world’s leading self-hypnosis experts—for F.R.E.E.

Will you join us as we explore the mind-expanding tools that allow us to design and quickly create improvements in our lives?

Self Hypnosis is the safe, natural, timeless practice that has been used in cultures around the world for centuries with startling results. These leading experts will show you how to harness this natural ability for your personal relief and success.

Watch the video and attend this breakthrough online event—at no cost!

Free Audio: 7 Secrets to a Best-Selling Business
Note from Michael Angier: This freebie is for almost everyone, but I also want to tell you about an event that is NOT for everyone—only 6 openings left—and you'll soon know if that's you.

Let me share a secret with you . . .

It's easier than you think to have a really HOT bestseller; you just need to begin your book in the right way . . .

My close friend, Randy Gilbert, just did another book launch with his coaching client and his first book became an instant bestseller.

Even more important than that, his client had created a business that helped him to pre-sell over 10,000 copies of his book while earning thousands in profit (which went right into his client's own bank account).

There are no gimmicks—and no hidden coaching programs—just a really cool audio that will teach you in 57 minutes what it's taken Randy over 10 years to learn. Click here to get the audio . . .

And as a favor to me, he's allowing me to give you the audio from his $97.00 CD for F.R.E.E.

You can get all seven of Randy's secrets by listening to the audio online—or download the mp3 to your iPod—for free.

While other people are waiting months (or even years) before making their first buck from their book, you'll be selling HUNDREDS—or THOUSANDS—of copies of something that costs you NOTHING and is almost pure profit. And you'll be creating pre-sales for your book at the same time so it becomes an IMMEDIATE bestseller.

P.S. After signing up, we'll also tell you about how you can mastermind with Michael Angier personally as you plan your bestselling book . . .

But first go here so you can get Randy's audio for free.

Take Your Business Online: Quick, Cheap & Easy

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Professional
Online Presence with Less than $20 and 2 hours.

Without a Blog or a website, you are at a severe disadvantage. In this concise, easy-to-follow guide, you will learn how to:

  • Register your domain name

  • Get your website hosting account

  • Install a WordPress Blog

  • Publish content to your Blog

Click here to find out more . . .

Upcoming Events

Extreme Business Makeover, Orlando, FL Apr 23-25
Bob Burg and Thom Scott put on another great event with solid info and no hype. We'll be there. Join us!

World Hypnosis Summit, Online May 4-13
Learn from these renowned experts how you can program yourself for success.


Quote du jour
“No great thing is created suddenly, anymore than a bunch of grapes
or a fig. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit.”



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