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Why Did I Go to The Dreaming Room?

Recently, I spent two and a half days in “The Dreaming Room” with Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame and author of his newest book, Awaken the Entrepreneur Within.

I went primarily to get in touch with a newer and bigger dream for me and SuccessNet. My biggest dreams have already been—or are being—realized. I’m living the life I had envisioned, I’m doing the work I love to do, and I’m grateful.

Can it get better? Sure. And I expect it will.

The game I’m playing is certainly WORTH playing, and it’s apparently doing some good things for many people around the world. It’s also providing me and my family a good living.

But I was looking for something deeper, grander and more exciting.

I went to The Dreaming Room the way Gerber asked me to: with a beginner’s mind and a blank sheet of paper.

I struggled with fitting his “Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission” into my own formula of Core Values, Mission and Vision, but it was worth it. I gained a greater clarity of what I want to do.

Since I’ve gotten back, I’ve made even more progress.

I’ve become aware of the importance of making the dream not about me, but about the people I serve. I’ve always been committed to standing in the service of others, but that was more my mission. My dreams—my vision—has been mostly about me and what I wanted.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But once you’ve achieved a certain level of success and realized a comfortable lifestyle, it’s hard to get really motivated by “more”—at least for me.

The Big Dream, the “Grand Result” as Gerber calls it, requires the solution of a problem or problems for others.

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was a clear picture of what he envisioned for African Americans and for our country. Kennedy’s big goal of putting a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth in less than ten years was another example.

I’m not saying that everyone should have such grandiose and life-changing dreams—but why NOT?

All spectacular things that have ever been achieved were once thought to be impossible.

Think of the problems the world faces—global warming, the high cost of energy, war, poverty, food shortages, disease, lack of health care and a host of others. I believe they are all solvable problems.

What part can you play? What could be your specific contribution to making the world a better place? What’s your big dream?

Gerber suggests we dream big, think small—and act even smaller. To me, that means to begin with the big picture, start where you are and do what you can. You never know where that might lead.

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember, this whole thing was started by a mouse.”

So dream as big as you can. But make your plans and take action—even small actions.

Did I discover my Big Dream in The Dreaming Room?

Not exactly. But the process has begun. It’s starting to take shape. It is big. And it will attempt to solve one of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and solopreneurs today.

Will it be easy? Certainly not. It may even be impossible. But if we can make it work, it will be amazing.

And THAT’S something I can get excited about. That’s why I went to The Dreaming Room.

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