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Who’s Really Running Your Business?

I think too many people try to separate themselves from their business.

They have their “personal” life and their “business” or “professional” life. I think there’s just life.

Do we have different roles? Of course we do.

But trying to be one way in your business and another way the rest of the time takes a lot of energy and lacks a certain amount of authenticity.

We are not our business, but to a large extent, our business is us. And who we are and who we’re being shows up in our business in a very significant way. It governs the success of our business.

Former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold said, “The longest journey is the journey inward.” I agree and I think the pay-off to going inward is substantial.

Many people spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to understand their business, but not all that much on comprehending themselves and how they operate within—and relate to—their business.

You see, the more we understand ourselves—the more we grasp how our issues, development, attitudes and paradigms affect our business—the better equipped we are to create the success we all desire.

I recently read Lynn Scheurell’s new eBook Emerging Soul-Driven Entrepreneurial Archetypes: A Self-Assessment. And I found it highly insightful in recognizing the business archetypes (or energy patterns) that underlie and guide our decisions and behaviors in business.

Clarity leads to power, and being aware of these archetypes and what they can teach you will enable you to access a whole new level of power in our business.

Because Lynn is a friend and because I’ve been working closely with her over the last few months, I was able to get this assessment and eBook for our members at no cost.

And I also got a special discounted price for our subscribers who are not yet members.

Going through the assessment and seeing what business archetypes are most influential can help you have a thriving and abundant enterprise—one that truly expresses who you are.

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