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Who is Glen Hopkins? [Expert Profile & Product Review]

First of all Glen teaches HOW TO, not just touchy feely theories.

He’s been building lists online for 11-plus years now, and during that time Glen say’s he’s seen a lot of strategies that work, and even more that don’t!

Glen built, owned, and operated one of the Net’s very 1st co-registration service called ListOpt where he helped just about every household name “Guru” build their list!

Including me. That’s how we met.

At its height, he was building lists of over 200,000 double opt-in subscribers per MONTH for his clients.

In fact, you could even say, “Glen Hopkins wrote the book” on List Building . . . because he did!

Back in 2006 Glen Hopkins authored the book, Lucrative List Building which quickly became an international #1 best seller on Amazon.com

So you see, what Glen is going to teach people is not some rehashed PLR mumbo jumbo. Nor will it be some nonsense that a ghost writer on the other side of the world wrote in a “Special Report”.

Glen says. “The truth is, many things have changed since I wrote Lucrative List Building back in 2006 and the time has come for me to share with you what’s working TODAY in the world of email marketing and list building.”

What is Lucrative List Secrets 2.0?

Lucrative List Secrets 2.0 is an apprenticeship coaching program designed to take people from an apprentice, to being an expert just 8 weeks later. Rather than simple touchy feely theories, this program will largely be made up of HOW TO.

Students are going to learn exactly what they need to do, and how to do it in a systematized, easy to follow, step by step format —  just like you’ll see in the free training videos.

What that means is students are going to learn everything they need to know about HOW TO build their very own email list, in any market that they choose, AND how to effectively market to that list to make serious, ongoing income! And I’m going to teach them how to do it all from scratch!

Not only will students be learning from me, but they’ll also get expert instruction from industry leaders in:

  • Blog Montization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Facebook and Social Media
  • Email Copywriting
  • And a LOT More!

* The guest expert faculty will be revealed in the 4th and final free training video.

The core training will include several detailed HOW TO training modules on proven List Building methods, and Email Marketing techniques. Also included will be a large number of training videos on the fundamentals of internet marketing (such as how to FTP and use HTML) for students who need that extra help.

Plus, there will be a few AWESOME, unexpected bonuses!!

Go watch the videos now . . .

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