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Which is Harder to Earn? $100,000 or a Million?

I’m writing this message while attending Rick Raddatz’s Business Makeover.

I’m spending two days in Denver—then two more days hanging out at Rick’s home in Breckinridge—with several other business owners masterminding about our business, how it works and what we’d like it to be. We brainstorm ways to take their business to the next level.

Rick is brilliant—smart, quick, experienced and very perceptive. He cuts right to the chase.

I’ve learned a lot, shared a lot and gained tons of ideas and gotten great clarity on how to simplify, grow and add value to those we serve.

Yesterday, while we were brainstorming with one of the participants, we asked how much they wanted to earn per year. They were unsure, so we asked again: $100,000? $500,000? A million?

This person was still thinking about their answer when Rick said, “It takes about the same amount of work to earn $100,000 as $1,000,000.”

That really made me stop and think.

Is that really true? With only a little reflection I could see that it was.

I realized that I had worked harder to make $50,000 a year than I worked to make $100,000 a year. And I’m not working any harder today when I’m making a lot more than that.

So what changed?

Well, I know more now. I have more experience. I’ve built upon my strengths and I’ve gained confidence. But mostly I’m thinking bigger and seeing more opportunity.

So I believe Rick’s viewpoint is accurate.

It doesn’t neccessarily take more work to earn a million dollars a year than it does $100K per year.

It does require a good attitude. And it helps if you believe this premise to be true.

With that—plus consistent effort and dedication—you can do it, too.

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