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What Will You Learn this Summer?

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re well into summer. And I hope you’re having a good one. It’s a great time to take things a little slower and hopefully easier than the rest of the year. Get outdoors, take some vacation, some afternoon naps, soak in the pool and do some reading.

It’s also a good time to sharpen some of your skills and talents by learning something new or improving something you already do well. When we’re in a more relaxed and less frenetic place, we’re able to learn more easily and retain information even better.

I suggest including a little summer school along with your pool time. Look for something that interests you. Do something entertaining, absorbing and stimulating—all at the same time. You could take an online course, read a thought-provoking book series, take a class, or get some coaching on a skill you’d like to improve. The ideas are endless.

The important thing is to not only have fun but learn something, too. That way you can look back on this summer with real contentment—a balance of fun and learning. Because you can never learn less. As you build your knowledge, increase your skills and improve your mind, you are investing in yourself. And the return on investment is solid.

One of the programs you should consider is Dawn’s very complete and professional 6-module course on How to Deliver Highly Effective Presentations. We’re all called upon, from time to time, to deliver a speech, facilitate a Webinar or teach something to a group. And these can be real career makers—or breakers.

We can all learn to become better presenters. And although I might be prejudiced, I know of no course that is as complete, easy to follow and as comprehensive for so little.

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With the free introduction video, you ALSO get “50 Top Tips to Help You Become an Outstanding Speaker”.

Here’s to you making good presentations great.

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