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What Really Makes You Happy?

Everybody wants to be happy. But few people actually define for themselves what truly makes them happy.

Interesting, isn’t it?

We all want things. But often what we think we want is not really it at all.

Happiness??What are the things that make you happy? Power? Recognition? Fame? Freedom? Fortune? Love? Appreciation? Significance? Money? Pleasure?

Are you sure?

It makes no sense to work hard and long seeking something only to find that it’s not really what you wanted.

Let’s say you want a new house. Why do you want it? What are the real and lasting things that the new house will get for you?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things. It’s just that the things themselves rarely, if ever, make us happy. It’s what the things represent to us that’s important.

I believe that our time is one, if not THE, most valuable things we have. Our time is our life. So why should we squander our most precious resource on things that only might make us happy.

Determining what you truly want and why you want it is the starting point of what we call The Achievement Code.

It’s so simple and so profound. And yet so few people actually do what’s needed to gain this critical point of clarity.

Next week, we’ll be conducting the most important webinar we’ve ever done.

I say that because The Achievement Code is the codification of the most important things I’ve studied, learned, tested and believe in. I’ve stolen from Socrates, taken from Tony Robbins, borrowed from Ben Franklin and appropriated from many, many more.

I’ve looked for the common denominators between most of the wisest teachers who have ever lived. And, of course, I’ve added my own nuggets of wisdom from my own particular point of view.

And with The Achievement Code, we’ve organized it in a way that you can easily discover, learn, integrate and implement this valuable knowledge in your own life.

Join us on the 28th at 6 PM EST or listen to the replay if there is one (with technology, you can’t always count on it).

The registration page is here . . .
The Achievement Code

PS: The 43-second video on theĀ registration page should give you an idea just how big this is.

The Achievement Code

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