Are These YOUR Top Ten Challenges?

101 Best Ways to Simplify Your LifeWe did a survey awhile back and asked our readers from around the world to tell us what they considered to be their biggest challenges.

According to the respondents, these were the top ten problems they faced:

1. Insufficient Income
2. Procrastination
3. Not Organized Enough
4. Lack of Focus–Too Scattered
5. Need Better Time Management
6. Not Sure How to Achieve My Goals
7. Need More Balance in My Life
8. Unclear On My Goals – On What I Want
9. Information Overload
10. Not Having a Good Network of People

But in the comments people left and in our discussion with some focus groups, it became clear that the biggest CAUSE of these problems was something else entirely.

What caused people to procrastinate, be disorganized, scattered, etc., was that their lives were so overwhelming and complicated that they couldn’t stay focused.

Like we often say, “Clarity leads to power.”

And LACK of clarity leads to little or no productive action.

But if you create a simpler life, you’ll have much more focus and contentment.

And that was the reasoning behind our research and compilation of 101 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life.

It’s a book that can make a profound difference for you and those around you.

Think about it, our lives are BUSY and getting BUSIER!

We have so many things we think we need to do. So many places to go, things to remember, skills to develop, relationships to maintain, stuff to take care of and information to absorb.

And unless you do something about it–unless you actively simplify your life and your business, it will get more and more complex. You can count on it.

We’re not saying our eBook is the only way to make your life less complicated. But I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better collection of ideas you can quickly and easily implement.

And just today, we bundled together yet another 101 eBook that you can get for just a few dollars more. It’s 101 Best Ways to get Ahead from 101 of the most successful people in the world.

Both books are explained on this page (and you can get the second one for only $4 USD) . . .

PS: We wish for you a more peaceful, balanced, serene and simple life filled with only things you love and appreciate. This package can help you achieve that. See what people say about this new eBook.

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