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Twitter is Big, Getting Bigger and You Should Be Using It

OK, I admit it.

I was slow to see the value of social networking. But there are so many of them—and they looked so time consuming.

But a few months ago, I took another look at Twitter—one of the simplest of them all.

And I must admit I’m hooked.

With Twitter you share what you can in 140 characters with those who “follow” you.

Yesterday, Ashton Kutcher and CNN duked it out to be the first to have a million followers. Ashton won. And today, even Oprah is getting on board.

Can you use it for business? Yes, but you can’t be all about selling. It’s different.

Twitter is fun, easy, quick and a bit addictive.

And next Tuesday (April 21), we’ll be sharing with you a complete system for using Twitter in a very powerful way.

We’ll be tweeting about it for sure.

In the meantime, you can get your free handbook on Mastering Twitter in 10 Minutes or Less. You can even share it with your friends.

Click here to get your free handbook.

And if you follow me on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/MichaelAngier I will follow you back.

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