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The Word For Today is Commitment

I agreed to an appointment for 3 PM today to have a phone conversation with one of my Diamond Club members. I’ve set aside the time. I put it on my calendar. He will call me at 3 PM.

It’s a lot different than; “I’ll call you Monday” or “I’ll call you this week”. It might happen. But then again, it might not.

You see, this is an actual appointment. It can still get changed or cancelled. It might even get forgotten. But it’s not very likely.

I have lots of things on my ToDo list. Many of them even get done. But when I make a commitment, when I SCHEDULE it—especially with someone else—it’s MUCH more likely to happen.

That’s what happens in a mastermind team; we declare our intentions, we share our goals and the action steps we will take to achieve them. We are accountable for ourselves and to one another.

I call my mastermind a benevolent bunch of ass-kickers. They help me stay on track and stay true to my commitments.

And you can have the same thing.

It’s not too late to sign up for Diamond Club, form your very own mastermind team and get a jump start on achieving your goals in the New Year. Get the full details and the early-bird price at http://SuccessNet.org/diamond/

Make today a great day—and a great year.

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