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Thanksgiving 365

This week’s holiday is one of my favorites. I love the focus on gratefulness for the things we have. And, of course, the food is pretty good, too.

We are super grateful to have you as a subscriber. Without you, we would not be able to carry on the work of informing, inspiring and empowering people to be their best. Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

After almost 18 years in business, SuccessNet is still about helping great people like you become even better. We’re just as committed as ever to helping you design, create and live your best life. We truly appreciate you.

Now, I recognize that many of our readers don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or at least are not celebrating it this week. But the art of gratefulness can—and I think should—be practiced all year long. I’ve said for many years that if you appreciate what you have, you’ll find yourself having even more to appreciate. And that’s because what we think about and how we feel about what we think about attracts more of the same. What you focus on expands.

This probably isn’t new information to you. But grasping the concept and PRACTICING gratefulness consistently are two different things indeed. Your attitude of gratitude truly is a powerful force. And it must be cultivated and nurtured lest the weeds of discouragement, despair and negativity take over.

If you start your day, live your day and end your day being specifically grateful for all you have in your life, you can’t help but improve your attitude and outlook.

One of my clients recently told me about a new hire who was extremely skilled and talented. This individual was head and shoulder above anyone else in her field. But she lacked a positive attitude and an openness to new ways of doing things. He wasn’t sure he could keep her on.
I’ve always advocated to “hire for attitude and train for skills” because it’s so much easier. A person with a good attitude will learn more and learn faster than someone who needs to learn to have a better attitude. My advice to my client was unless something changes quickly (not likely) to provide her with an opportunity to use her talents elsewhere.

A Formula for Gratefulness
Just before we go to sleep, my wife and I end each day by sharing three things we’re grateful for in our lives. It might be a thing, an experience, a feeling or a relationship. It’s whatever comes to mind.

We’ve done this for years and we’re thinking about adding it to our morning ritual as well. It’s much better to awaken and say, “Another wonderful day” than “Oh yuck, not another Monday.” A friend of mine says, “Every day above ground is a good day.” And yet another says it’s great to wake up looking at the right side of the grass.

All good attitudes. But intentionally calling to mind and saying specific things we’re grateful for having in our lives lays the groundwork for more happiness and having even more of those “things”.

It just may be that gratefulness leads to greatness. At the very least you’ll be happier and healthier. People will like being around you more and your outlook will be brighter.

Try it for 21 days. See the difference it makes. I’m willing to bet that you’ll end up making Thanksgiving a 365-day experience.

And let me know how you’re doing with it.

Dawn and I wish you and yours a truly Happy Thanksgiving.


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