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How to Teach, Train or Sell Anything (in 4 simple steps)

TeacherAs I was preparing my webinar training this week for my Inner Circle Members, it occurred to me that it’s been some time since I shared with you my teaching/writing format. It’s something I learned from Dale Carnegie Seminars years ago, and I find it helpful in creating more organized and results-oriented presentations.

Before start writing an article, or creating the content for a speech or presentation, I work at getting clear on what I would like to accomplish. What are the outcomes I want to create? What’s the value I want to produce for my listener?

Seems pretty sensible, right?

But you’d be surprised at how many people embark on such endeavors without a clear idea of the points they want to make and the results they want to produce.

I’ve listened to webinars and speeches that wander and meander without any clear path. Information is shared, for sure. But without being organized and without good focus, they fall flat and end up being a waste of time—and money.

The same holds true for writing an article. A few minutes of planning will produce a much more effective piece.

My four-point teaching format is as follows . . .

1. Premise or Problem
What’s the premise you want to address or teach? Or what’s the problem you’re looking to solve for your audience?

2. Obstacles and Challenges
What stands in the way and what needs to be overcome to achieve the objective or solve the problem? Pose some questions. Ask why they think they have this problem or if they ever considered the premise.

3. Strategies and Tactics
Share the best practices and teach the tactics and strategies to achieve the intended outcome. People want to know how to do things or how to avoid problems. Give them some how-to.

4. Commitments
Ask your audience or readers to take action and make progress. Don’t assume they’ll figure it out themselves. Ask them to DO something. What’s the next step you want them to take? Ask them to make a commitment.

Try this simple format out the next time you do a training, write an article or make a speech. I think you’ll find it will work well for you—as well as those who listen to you and read your material.

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