Step Back to Gain Perspective

It’s been said that life is lived forward and only understood backward. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but I do know that things sure look different a month, a year or a decade after the fact.

As I enter into the final days of my 60th trip around the sun, I realize I have a much different perspective on things that have happened over the years.

Even if you haven’t been around as long as I have, I’m sure you’ll agree that many events that seemed like a big deal weren’t, while other, seemingly insignificant things, turned out to be substantial. “Disasters” often became blessings and what we thought at the time was something good may have turned out to be not so much.

When we’re in the midst of things—when life is happening—it’s challenging to always see the big picture. It’s not easy to understand, to be fully aware and have the insight that comes from looking back.

In every business I’ve owned, in every relationship I’ve ever been in, there’s one common thing I would have done more of. I would have stepped back more often, taken more time off and gotten away from the busy-ness of things.

We often need to get away in order to see things clearly. We need to step back, take a break or see things with a fresh set of eyes.

Be sure that you’re taking time off on a regular basis. And I suggest planning part of that time off for reflection and introspection. Ask yourself questions. Journal about what’s happened—and your thoughts and feelings around them.

Having a MasterMind Team like our Diamond Club and Inner Circle is a big help in improving our perspective. And the process we use of reporting to one another with “what worked, what didn’t and what’s next,” goes a long way toward having a healthy reflection and positive and productive plans and expectations.

Of course you can do this on a regular basis without going away, and I certainly encourage you to that.

But in my opinion, getting away is best. There’s something about a different environment, away from the routine and maybe with new people, that provides the fresh outlook, the different viewpoint and the elevated clarity getting away from it all creates.

And that’s why Practical SuccessNet Principle #6 is Step Back to Gain Perspective.

Practical SuccessNet Principle #6

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