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Start with Clarity to Gain Even MORE Clarity

One of the key objectives of a mastermind team is to gain greater clarity and focus in order to take consistent and effective action toward our goals.

And if you want to maximize the power of your mastermind team, it’s best to begin with as much clarity as you can muster on your own.

All too often, when we present our case—be it a problem to be solved, an issue to overcome or an idea to brainstorm—we don’t plan ahead enough to articulate it clearly.

It’s always best to invest a few minutes in planning and even practicing what you want to present to your team. In doing so, you will be clearer yourself, you will be better understood and the result will be even greater clarity and feedback from the rest of your team.

Less is More
It’s important to be succinct. You do not have to explain in detail, provide all the history and justify things in order to present your case well. Fewer words have more power than many words. Provide only enough information to illustrate the context and the content needed to be understood.

When you are long-winded, people stop listening. Don’t make them work hard—get to the point.

MY point is to encourage you to plan well, deliver well and receive well.

The same goes for your feedback to your teammates. Share in a bullet-point format in order to leave as much time for additional feedback.

In doing so, you’ll make your mastermind team or your brainstorming meeting ever more powerful.

Quote du jour . . .

A problem clearly stated is a problem half-solved.

—Charles Kettering, American industrialist

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