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Some Observations from JV Alert Live

Dawn and I are back from Philadelphia where we attended the third JV Alert Live event with over a hundred other speakers and participants.

Joint Venturing is one of the most powerful business-building strategies we employ. And we’re getting better at it all the time. It used to account for only 15% of our business, but now it’s well over 60%.

I wasn’t a speaker at this event, but I was on the expert panel that answered questions and brainstormed for “Hot Seat” participants. It was fun as well as educational. I will be one of the featured speakers at the next JV Alert Live in October. Stay tuned for details.

This may have been one of the most productive events for us we’ve ever attended. We learned, shared and laughed a lot. We made some valuable connections with some great people, met old friends and made some new ones.

Ken McArthur
Ken is the owner of Affiliate Showcase and JV Alert. He held his first JV Alert Live last fall and we attended his second one in Orlando in February.

One of the reasons this event has attracted so many sharing, warm-hearted, friendly people is because that’s the kind of person Ken is. I know because he’s one of my MasterMind partners and because I saw and felt the love in the room when people were thanking him for creating and conducting this conference.

When you attend a conference or seminar, it provides you with an opportunity to think about your business in a way you’re not able to do when you’re in the trenches.

The information and insights gained at a conference or seminar can be extremely valuable. Just one idea, one shift in the way you operate or the way you run your business, can make a radical difference in the achievement of your objectives.

But in my experience, the networking, the contacts and relationships developed can be even more valuable. I must admit that even though I understood this, I GREATLY underestimated just HOW valuable these relationships can be when it comes to joint ventures.

Oh, and one of the participants bought 100 copies of 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best for his licensees.

Action Point
Plan to attend at least one conference or seminar in the few months. Step back from your work or business. Learn new things and meet new people. You’ll be glad you did.

One I recommend is Claim Your Power Now where I’ll be on the same platform as Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Vic Johnson and eight other great speakers. I’d love to meet you there. Full details here.

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