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Refocusing by Reflecting [plus 3 free reports]

There are no straight paths to a worthy goal. If you can reach your goal without deviating from your plan and without getting off track, your goal is either very small, super simple or you are incredibly lucky.

Big goals are achieved by diligently staying on course, and recognizing—and forgiving ourselves—when we get off course. Achieving a worthwhile goal requires a constant effort in refocusing, redirecting, refining and re-evaluating.

And an important part in accomplishing that is the ability and commitment to reflect on our progress.

At the end of the day, the week, the month and the quarter, it’s paramount that we think about what we’ve done, what we haven’t and why. I’m a big fan of WW, WD, WN (What Worked, What Didn’t and What’s Next). It’s a great way to look back on a time period, a project or the system you used to achieve what you wanted.

I’m also a big believer in “Correction Without Invalidation”. This objective reflection and evaluation without guilt is critical in making adjustments, corrections and improvements.

Be sure to schedule your reflection time. Make it part of your routine and you will find it will accelerate your progress and help you be more effective.

Next week, I’m conducting an in-depth training for Diamond Club & Lifetime Gold Members on the best ways to stay on track, get back on track and refocus on what we really want. If you are not yet one of these members, you can become one at either www.SuccessNet.org/gold/ or www.SuccessNetDiamonds.com

Members will be given access information early in the week. And if you are not sure whether you are a lifetime Gold Member or not, please fill out a Help Desk Ticket and we will let you know.

Here are your Three Special Reports (all free to you) :

How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Write an Inspiring Vision Statement

Raising the Bar: Increasing Your Standards of Excellence

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