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People are Fighting for Freedom. Will You?

Egyptian ProtestsThere are lots of protests going on right now around the world. And several governments have fallen due to an uprising of the people who yearn to be free.

They want a more representative form of government and are sick and tired of tyrants.

We can empathize with them, for sure.

And yet, even though we have a representative democracy and The Bill of Rights, most Americans find themselves still enslaved.

Not enslaved by tyrants, but by debt.

The U.S. Government is substantially indebted to China, Japan, Great Britain and others partly because ever since 1969 we have spent more than we have taken in.

And like our congress, many of us have individually taken on debt to the point where the interest and the repayment of our debt keep us bound in a virtual “debtor’s prison.”

When you invest money, you hope to earn something on that investment. But a return on investment is never fully guaranteed. In fact, you can lose your investment.

But when you pay down your debt, your return on investment is guaranteed. If your credit card company is charging you 16% interest, every dollar you pay off is saving you 16% over the next year.

It’s pretty hard to beat that.

It doesn’t happen by itself. And it’s not easy.

But if you commit to no longer debting, focus on paying more than the minimum payment on all or some of your cards, you WILL make progress.

It’s guaranteed.

And as you do so, you will gain more confidence, buy yourself more freedom and be in a position to have compound interest working FOR you instead of against you.

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To your freedom.

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