How’s Your Perspective?

We know that seeing things in their proper perspective allows us to make better decisions and have more wisdom about what happens. It also makes us healthier.

But how do we get it?

There are many ways: vantage point, time, attitude, beliefs, priorities and experience.

Let’s talk about vantage point for now.

I’m gaining a different perspective this week about my life, my goals, my business and the direction I want to take things over the months and years ahead.

I write this from the terrace of a 3-million-dollar home overlooking the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean several hundred feet below. We’re here in Costa Rica to celebrate my oldest son’s 40th birthday. It’s a house full of good friends and family having a good time.

But one of the many benefits of this vacation is the time away from home and business that provides the opportunity to see things differently.

I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking.

It’s important for us all to take breaks, to step back, to experience new things and gain that perspective that’s difficult, if not impossible to get, when we’re in our daily routine in the same place we usually do it from.

Your breaks don’t have to be out of the country. They don’t have to be all that expensive either. But even if they are, they’re well worth it.

If you haven’t planned your next getaway, conference or vacation, do so this week. You, your family, your business and your health deserve it.

And remember, we’re getting together in Orlando, Florida in just three weeks for the SuccessNet Summit. Will we see you there? I sure hope so.

Full details here . . .

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Book Review: It’s Not About You

I just read a review copy of Bob Burg’s and John David Mann’s newest book, It’s Not About You: A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business.

I’ve been very impressed with these two best-selling authors’ two pervious books, The Go-Giver and Go-Giver’s Sell More. They are simple, straightforward, easy to read and they reek with profundity.

And their newest book is even better. It teaches and entertains on the level of an Og Mandino. I read it one 2-hour flight and loved it. Their writing style is clear and compelling. It’s highly relatable and reminds us of things we need to remember while providing insights most people have never heard.

I highly recommend It’s Not About You. I guarantee you’ll be impressed, entertained, inspired and more committed to doing the things that make a difference.

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What’s the Big Idea?

Recently someone asked me what I did and I responded in a different way than I usually do. I hadn’t planned to answer differently, it just kind of came to me and I went with it.

I said, “I’m in the idea business. I share ideas on how people can be more successful, how they can grow personally and professionally and how they can be more productive and prosperous.”

The person who asked me seemed intrigued, and we talked for several minutes about how long SuccessNet had been around (16 years), what we publish and who we market to.

I also revealed to him that I’m writing a new book about how to get what you truly want using the 3C Formula: Clarity, Concentration and Consistency.

What we share with our almost 100,000 subscribers really is about ideas. It’s about practical, proven and effective ways for people to operate at their personal and professional best.

And in a few weeks, when my book is completed, we’ll begin to focus on a different success philosophy each week. We’ll write about it, share resources and get you thinking more about how you can utilize the “Philosophy of the Week” to get what you truly want.

It’s been said that, “Small minds talk about other people, average minds talk about events, and great minds discuss ideas.”

As a subscriber, I know you’re interested in and want to talk about ideas.

We will continue to share powerful ideas with you—and in an even more focused way.

And speaking of big ideas . . .
Coming up very soon is our fourth annual SuccessNet Summit in Orlando, Florida.

We have a superb line-up of speakers. And you will not only learn a lot, be inspired and motivated, but also connect with some outstanding people.

I’ve never been to a conference where I didn’t gain great ideas I could use to grow and prosper. In several cases, a single idea has netted us over $20,000.

This year’s theme is the same as my upcoming book: Getting What You Truly Want!

I look forward to getting to know you and spending some great time together in early November.

There is still room. Early Bird prices are still in effect, but they won’t last forever.

Take out your calendar right now and schedule this exciting event into your life.

Click here to find out all about this special event and register . . .

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