Who’s On Your Team?

Many small businesses—especially solopreneurs—don’t think of themselves as having a team. But they actually do. It might not be the same as a sports team or project team in a larger organization, but you do have a team—at least you should.

Even our household has a team. My wife and I are the primary members, but there are others. There’s Mark and his team who mow, blow and edge our lawn. There’s Steve who fertilizes and treats for weeds and pests. And Wesley who keeps the pool chemicals just right. Emily cleans the house and George keeps the bugs and termites away. Victor is the guy we call for handyman projects.

They’re all part of the team, and they make our life and work easier and more effective.

In your business, you most likely have people to call on for graphic arts and printing. You probably have an accountant and an attorney. Perhaps you even have an Advisory Board and or a MasterMind Team, which I highly recommend. Perhaps you have a virtual assistant and/or an IT person to help you with your computers, phones, printers and software. I hope you also have a personal coach.

So you see, you really do have a team, even if you never really thought about it in that way. A team is there to support you and your organization in achieving your purpose. Your team allows you to accomplish far more than if you tried to do everything yourself. And a good team is a triple win—a win for you, for them and for those you serve.

Trying to do it all on your own is a setup for frustration and likely failure. Going it alone simply doesn’t allow you to grow very well at all.

The first step is to identify your team—who are all the players who help get the job done. And then start thinking of them as your team—even if they’re not full time. Nurture them. Thank them. Let them know they are part of your team and that you appreciate their contribution.

My favorite acronym for TEAMS is Together Everyone Achieves More Success.

So who is on your team?

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Top Ten Reasons to Increase Your Effectiveness

Peak Performance and Productivity TeleSummit1. You’re paid to get things done, not for the hours you work. Even if you’re PAID by the hour, you are ultimately paid for the value you produce. Get more done in less time and you improve your value to your employer—even if that employer is yourself.

2. More job security. When a company has to downsize, the most inefficient and ineffective are usually let go first. Being more productive increases your job security.

3. Have more time to do the things YOU want to do. We all have things that need to be done that aren’t all that pleasant or fun. By getting things done quickly and effectively, you will find yourself having more time to do the things you find more pleasurable and/or fall into the not urgent, but important, category.

4. Satisfaction. A job well done, on time, with efficiency, is a gratifying experience. Turn your good to better and your better to best for greater satisfaction.

5. Time is money. And that’s been true for a very long time. Increased productivity is profitable. Finding a better, faster, more efficient way to do things results in added value and greater profits.

6. It makes us better stewards of our resources. People, money, time, energy and knowledge must be well managed. Not to do so is wasteful. Cultivate your resources and increase your productivity.

7. It’s fun. Finding better, faster, more efficient ways to leverage your time and efforts can be like a game—a game that pays you handsomely.

8. Your productivity improves the productivity of others. You have a chance to be the low, average or high bar that’s set in your work environment. And average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best. It sucks.

9. It will put more life in your years. It’s been said that it’s not the years in our life but the life in our years that matters. And I submit that being as productive as possible in all our efforts allows us to put more life in our years.

10. We can’t manage time. We can only manage events, tasks and projects within whatever time we have. And THAT is reason enough to consistently invest in improving our performance.

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