Will it Really Be a Happy New Year? That Depends . . .

Will it Really Be a Happy New Year?

There have been lots of “Happy New Year” wishes tossed about in the last few days.

And we all mean to “wish” for a Happy New Year.

But wishing and hoping aren’t strategies, are they?

The happiness of your New Year will be the result of the choices you’ve made up until this point and in the choices you’ll make in the year ahead.

We make thousands of choices every day and tens of thousands of choices every month. Some may seem insignificant and some appear more important—but THEY ALL COUNT! They all add up.

Sure there are some things that happen to us that are outside of our control. But our response to those things IS in our control. And most everything else is within our power.

Because we have the power of choice.

We choose what to do with every precious hour of our life. Oh no, you might say. “I HAVE to go to work.” “I HAVE to make money, feed the kids, go to church, take out the trash,” etc.

No, you don’t. With the exception of a few bodily functions, you CHOOSE to do—or not do—everything.

It might SEEM like you have to, but you don’t.

Our lives are the result of the choices we have made and will make in the days and months ahead.

And that’s our theme for January 2013—Choices!

Look for supporting articles, quotes, trainings, tools and strategies for choosing wisely.

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What’s Left Undone and Incomplete in Your Life?

I’ve always said, “Things unfinished are unfriendly to your success.”

Let’s face it. We all have some messes in our lives. Incomplete tasks, disorder, conflicts, unresolved issues and unfinished business distracts us, drains our energy, and causes us to lose focus and lowers our self-esteem.

Incompletions can include cluttered desks, relationships, finances, incomplete agreements and legal issues. Incompletions create what I call “yuck” in your life. They create feelings of overwhelm and sometimes even helplessness.

But every time you make a completion, you boost your confidence, increase concentration and expand your energy. Resolve to complete your incompletions and eliminate those things you’re tolerating.

We all have things in our life that, at best, don’t serve us. Many of these things actually detract from the quality and satisfaction of our lives.

What we’ve found to be helpful is to create a Tolerations List.

By simply listing the things we don’t want, we begin the process of their removal. I’m not advocating that we dwell on these things—only identify them and begin to eliminate them. I’m a firm believer in keeping our focus on what we want because we tend to find what we’re looking for. But we must also discern that which we don’t want as part of our experience.

Much time and energy is frittered away by small but annoying things: a dent in the car, a window in the house that doesn’t shut easily, a bent towel rack, a squeaky door, a button missing or a phone with an unpleasant ring. They may not sound like much, but added together they reduce our creativity, sap our productivity and detract from our enjoyment of everyday living.

There have been many, many times I have simply listed an incompletion or toleration, and without any apparent effort on my part, had it disappear from my life. Identifying and writing down our incompletions and tolerations is the genesis of their eradication. Beginning this process will take you almost half way to their accomplishment.

We’re paid to impact the world, not be impacted by it. People respect, admire, hire and acknowledge those who get things done. And if you want to have the energy to get more done, you’ll position yourself for greater accomplishment by slaying your incompletions and knocking off your tolerations.

Create some completions today. Target your tolerations. Feel the freedom. Enjoy the empowerment. And live in the luxury of feeling complete and satisfied for jobs well done.


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Do You Have a KnowledgeBase for Success?

How do you keep track of important information? Do you know where everything is? Can you access the information you need easily and quickly? Is everything more or less in one place?

Years ago I started keeping a Book of Lists. It was a “list of lists,” if you will. The main list was in one place, but the individual lists were scattered about.

That’s all changed now. I have the most organized, accessible and useful personal knowledgebase ever. It’s a vast and growing universe of knowledge that allows me to manage several businesses, investments, a few special interests and my personal life.

But before I tell you about that, let me share with you a few of my lists. It should help you create and organize your own personal knowledgebase. And in doing so, sharpen your focus, clarify your priorities and concentrate your efforts more consistently (the 3Cs from The Achievement Code).

  • Books to Read
  • Decisions to Make
  • My Dream List
  • My Core Values
  • Goals to Achieve
  • Gratefuls
  • Habits to Acquire, Habits to Change
  • My Happy List
  • Income Streams
  • Investments
  • Key People
  • People to Meet
  • Places to Go
  • Problems to Solve
  • Projects
  • Questions
  • Top Movies
  • Tolerations
  • Win List

There are many more, but you get the idea. I use them to help me brainstorm, journal and plan. And these lists are only part of my personal knowledgebase.

You may look at them and think it’s a bit overwhelming and unwieldy. But I don’t find them so. In fact, since I started using OneNote, they’ve become even easier to manage and access.

OneNote, which now comes free with Office 2010, is what Shane Fielder calls Microsoft’s Best-Kept Secret. And he’s developed a training that is guaranteed to help you get twice as much done with less effort.

I can personally attest to that. I have never felt more in control of my life with my vast and rapidly growing knowledgebase. I’m more organized, better prepared, less overwhelmed and able to get things done much more efficiently.

There’s even a free app for my iPhone (also available for Android) that gives me access to all this information through my phone.

Almost every single bit of information I need is available to me anywhere. And that’s worth a LOT.

If you’d like to find out more about the very complete training Shane has put together (The Ultimate Information Manager),
I invite you to do so on this page . . .

The sense of freedom and power I have because of this system is something I want you to experience as well.

OneNote is the one program I never want to be without. Think of it as a library of information with unlimited notebooks, unlimited sections and unlimited pages. Begin building your personal knowledgebase of success today. And stop looking through dozens of different apps and locations.

I’m not sure we’ll ever get to a paperless existence, but this system can get you closer than anything else available. See what I mean here . . .

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