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New White Paper on Online Business Solutions

You’ll find this helpful if you’re selling—or PLANNING to sell—on The Web.

Otherwise, please pass this resource on to a friend who you think would appreciate it.

Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Online eCommerce Solution:
What to look for when you’re ready to add in a shopping cart to
your online business and manage your mailing list.

In order to take orders over the Net, charge credit cards in real time and manage a mailing list of prospects and customers, you need the right eCommerce solution.

This whitepaper details the features and benefits you’ll want to look for in order to organize, automate and integrate your newsletter, mailing list and online product and service sales.

Download your copy of this report (in PDF format) here . . . there’s no need to opt-in.

And you’re welcome to use it as a bonus or giveaway to your friends, associates and clients.

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