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Marketing Principles over Sales Tactics

For all of the 17 years SuccessNet’s been in business, we’ve chosen to focus on the principles of success and the science of successful thinking instead of tactics and tools that change over time.

We’ve shared resources, tools, tactics and current topics that help you achieve your goals, it’s just that these haven’t been our focus. And we don’t think they should be yours either.

The latest, greatest gimmick, trend or trick may be attractive and interesting—and some of them may even work—but when you invest in learning and applying the proven principles, the tried-and-true strategies, and the unchanging and practical laws that are guaranteed to move you closer to what you truly want, you are always ahead of the game.

Yes, it IS possible to design and live your ideal life. You CAN have a business that works for you instead of you working for it. But to do that, to build your enterprise solidly, you must do so using solid principles.

Adam Urbanski, a.k.a. The Millionaire Marketing Mentor®, is one of the few people who maintains his focus and teachings on the marketing principles that will never change.

A few months ago, I did a webinar with him where he taught some of these principles. It was called Attract Clients Like Crazy: Advanced Client Attraction Secrets You Can Easily Use to Quickly Get More Leads and More Clients Now!

I learned a lot from it. I always do when I talk to Adam. And I just re-listened to it again yesterday and learned even more.

So I asked Adam if we could turn the recording back on for a few days to let you listen to it, or re-listen if you’ve already done so. It’s that good. He also provides an opportunity to get one of his programs at 85% LESS than many have paid for it. But the webinar itself is free and very much worth your time.

It’s all rock-solid stuff.

Use this link now (before Adam takes it down again) to access this interesting, informative and profitable training.

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