Making Commitments

Some people are so casual about making agreements: “Talk to you tomorrow,” Let’s get together next week,” and, one of our favorites, “I’ll have him call you back.” You will? What if he doesn’t want to talk to us?

Most people like to pretend that these “casual” commitments don’t count. That’s not true. Every time we give our word it counts. For the most part, people give it entirely too often. Our word is a precious commodity and should be treated as such.

Imagine a commitment as a precious jewel. When you give it to someone, they have the jewel. When you keep the commitment, the jewel is returned to you. If you fail to keep the agreement, however, the jewel is gone forever. (This is true of agreements with yourself as well.)

If we hold this jewel image each time we give our word, we tend to be more careful. This image is not a metaphor, it is a reality. Our word is a precious jewel, and each time we give it, we risk losing it. Don’t take that risk unless you plan to “cover your assets.”

From DO IT! Let’s Get Off Our Buts, part III, Committing to Your Dream

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