Life as a House

A few years ago, Kevin Kline starred in a movie called ‘Life as House’. It was a great story of a downsized, divorced man (Kline) who finds out he’s terminally ill. And he decides to spend the last months of his life building a house with his son as a lasting gift to him.

The house itself turns out to be least of the gifts. The bigger gifts were the things they learned and the relationship they created in the process.

As we’re having OUR house built, it occurred to me that the process of planning, designing, building and completing a house is very much like constructing a successful life.

I talk about how they are similar in a brief movie clip here.

I’ll write in more detail about this metaphor later, but you’ll get a good overview (as well as a partial peek at our new house) when you look at the 5-minute video.

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