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Let’s Write the Book on Your Business

A Book About You and Your CompanyIt’s important to do business fairly and ethically. We all know that—even when many other businesses don’t always operate that way.

But there’s nothing wrong with having an “unfair” advantage—like having an effective tool or strategy that your competition doesn’t have.

What if someone “wrote the book” on your business? A book that presented your company in an honest, interesting and complimentary fashion. One that told the story of its founding, its growth, challenges and success. One that explained your unique selling proposition in an engaging, credible fashion.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. So just think about how your prospects and clients would get to know you better, understand and appreciate your corporate culture and values. Their view of you and your company will be greatly enhanced when they read the story of your commitment to quality and examples of how you deliver that quality. And they will know, like and trust you even more than they did before.

A book about you and/or your company is a highly credible way to highlight your professionalism. It’s a chance to tell your story and talk about your “special sauce.” Your book will rapidly elevate you and your business in the eyes of your prospects and customers. By doing so, you will find it easier to recruit the best staff, generate more leads, have more customers and increase sales.

We have a new program to position, research, write, edit, produce, publish, print and market your book. For about the cost of a professional brochure, you can have a short, but effective book that sells you and your company.

Go to this page if you would like to learn more and also get a no-cost, no-obligation book publishing strategy session.

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