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If You Ever Wanted to Write and Publish a Book . . .

. . . there’s never been a better time.

And I’ll tell you why.

SuccessNet has just published its fourth printed book. In addition, we’ve published dozens of eBooks and have eight current Kindle books available. One of them is even about HOW to publish a Kindle book.

Without a doubt, this latest book, The Achievement Code, was the easiest, fastest and most economical to produce and publish. And the reason is that we used Amazon’s CreateSpace.com to do it.

And you can, too. CreateSpace has made it easier than ever to publish your book at virtually no cost. Our only out-of-pocket cost to CreateSpace was $25 for an extended distribution service.

We did almost everything in-house. We designed the cover, and Dawn formatted the book, copy edited my work and proofed it. We did hire an outside proof reader, but they found only a handful of things we opted to change.

You may not have some of these skills yourself, so you might spend a few hundred dollars on these services. But for all practical purposes, you can get your book published without spending any—or very little—money. And that’s a far cry from the way things used to be. In addition, you can have it on Amazon—one of the largest sellers and search engines in the world!

If you are someone who wants to influence others or you have a business or organization you would like to promote, there is no better way than to begin to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field. Saying you are a published author and handing your book to a prospect is head and shoulders above giving them a business card.

Instant Author SystemOver the past two months, we’ve had several members and subscribers ask us about teaching them how to write and publish a book. If you would be interested in such a course, please eMail us with MY BOOK in the subject line. If there is enough interest, we will certainly consider creating such a training.

In the meantime, we’re happy to recommend The Instant Author System by Mike Litman and Bill Quain on how you can discover the secrets to becoming a published author in as little as 27 days and for as little as $25.

Combined, Mike and Bill have published 19 books and sold over 2,100,000 copies, including one #1 best-selling book.

And for the next 48 hours, you can get all their self-publishing secrets for 72% off.

Click here now to find out more . . .


And as for Kindle, we encourage you to get How to Publish and Sell Your Book on Amazon Kindle—Free, Fast and Easy!


Remember, too, that Vic Johnson has a free video on the Kindle phenomenon called Getting Rich with eBooks.
Click here to see it . . .

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