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I Didn’t Have to Do it All by Myself

We have over 10,000 files on SuccessNet’s website. And they’re all designed to help our subscribers and members to excel in their chosen areas of endeavor.

Because we’re in the process of moving all these files to a content management site (CMS), I’m getting a first-hand reminder of just how voluminous and how rich this content is.

But looking back on over more than ten years of building this content, I think I could have done better by not being so much of a loner.

We’ve had a number of guest authors, but by and large, I wrote most of it myself. I recognize that my subscribers want to read my material, but I think I could have provided more variety and perhaps even more targeted information if I had been more of a ‘collector’ instead of a ‘creator’.

I’m sure you agree that there’s a lot of information on the Net.

As a result we are AWASH in information. We’re drowning in information overload and webmasters are throwing us anchors—anchors of more content.

And most of it isn’t very good.

We don’t plan to have content for content’s sake. Everything we publish must pass our quality standards. And on our new site, you’ll be able to easily rate the articles and resources.

The new design will be easier to navigate. And because it’s organized by topic—we’ll be bringing you SELECTIVE articles and resources. We look forward to your feedback.

If you have a website, or plan to have one, I recommend you not try to create everything yourself. Even if you’re a good writer, it’s best to learn how to find, select and use other people’s work—with their permission, of course.

BTW, we just published Greg Land’s article “How to Use Content to Build Your Online Business”. You should find it quite helpful. It’s located at http://SuccessNet.org/articles/land-content.htm

I also recommend you take a look at a site dedicated to helping you provide free as well as paid resources. It’s called The WOW Content Club. You can find out about it at http://SuccessNet.org/go/wow-content.htm

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