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How Big is Your Prosperity Pipeline?

There is absolutely no shortage of money in the world. There’s plenty. And there’s no scarcity of good that can come to you.

What limits our prosperity is our “Prosperity Pipeline”.

You see, most people are too focused on working hard trying to make money or create what they want.

And there’s nothing wrong with work. Taking action is good.

But working hard without having the CAPACITY to accept the flow of good won’t get you very far.

Think of your prosperity consciousness as the pipe that delivers your good. For most people it’s a 1/2” pipe—maybe smaller. Even with lots of pressure, there’s only so much volume that can come through that 1/2” pipe.

But some people, either by choice or by chance, have a higher prosperity consciousness. Their flow of abundance is through a larger pipe. And for a few, it’s like a huge oil pipeline. And the flow is substantial, fast and infinite.

You can work harder, faster, longer and even smarter. But if your prosperity pipeline is only so big, that’s all you’re going to get.

Big pipe—big riches. Small pipe—little bitty pieces.

Building your prosperity consciousness—your positive and abundant thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations—is what’s needed to open the floodgates of infinite wealth.

Improving your Prosperity Consciousness will result in a corresponding increase in your Prosperity Capacity.

That’s why we chose your Money Mindset as the first topic in our Wealthy Wednesdays Webinar series. If you’re interested in raising your Money Consciousness, you should join us.

We’ve declared December your Money Month.

Go to this page, watch the video that previews the first call and register to participate in an insightful discussion of your Prosperity Consciousness.

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