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Here’s What WON’T Happen at Our Retreat in February!

As I hope you heard, we’re inviting four people to our new home in Florida for a world class business retreat.

The just updated invitation page at www.SuccessNet.org/retreat explains a lot about the many reasons you should consider attending and what a difference it will make in your life and business.

And there’s over $30,000 worth of bonuses included with the program.

But Dawn and I thought it might be fun to share what WON’T happen next month here at Firethorn.

  1. There will be no sweat lodge. There might be some benefit to that, but I can guarantee that is not part of the program.
  2. We will not walk on fire. I did that in 1984 when Tony Robbins was only 24 years old. It was very cool (no pun intended) but again, not here, not this time.
  3. No channeling. At least not from Dawn and me—and I doubt from anyone else.
  4. We will not allow whining. No whiners invited and no whining will be allowed.
  5. No small thinking. Part of our retreat is to get you to think bigger.
  6. Levitation? Nope. But you can float in the pool.
  7. No hype. We don’t believe in it. We don’t like it and we don’t do it.
  8. No cold, nasty weather. We have ordered the best temperature and sunshine for late February. It will be gorgeous.
  9. We will not be practicing therapy. We WILL ask tough questions and we will help you to think more clearly, but we are not shrinks and don’t try to be.
  10. No fasting. Unless you REALLY want to. Our plan is to have you eat well, eat often and enjoy the benefits of our personal chef.


I’m sure there are more things that won’t happen on February 19 & 20. But there will be a LOT happening for YOU. See for yourself the promises we’ve made and will keep.

PS: Most people can point to only a handful of defining experiences in their life. This could very well be one of the positive ones for you. We hope to see you there, but you will need to act fast. There are only four slots and one is already taken.

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