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Florida Pluses & Minuses

Many people have been asking about our recent move to Florida, so I thought it would be fun to share the Top Ten Pluses and Minuses of Living in Florida


1. Sunny, warm weather in winter—and no snow!
2. Longer days because of the lower latitude—and getting dark later because of being on the western end of the eastern time zone.
3. This house! Bigger and better and at a 50% discount. More on that later.
4. More choices on health insurance—and less expensive.
5. Having a guest house for people to stay with us.
6. New friends.
7. Living on a golf course in Silverthorn.
8. A country club without a country club attitude.
9. No state income tax.
10. Our lanai, pool, spa and waterfall.


1. Being so far away from friends and family—especially our granddaughter, Marielle.
2. Not being on a first-name basis with the governor and lieutenant governor—at least not yet.
3. Dealing with the envy that people have of us moving here—even before we retired.
4. More expensive insurance on house and car (hurricanes, I’m guessing).
5. No mountains to look at.
6. Sailing on Lake Champlain.
7. Those beautiful, dark Brazilian Cherry floors at South Pointe.
8. Our Hot Springs Vanguard Spa.
9. Having to learn all the systems and mechanicals for this big house.
10. Address changes, car registration, new FL licenses, etc.

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