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Did You Get Your Government Bailout Yet?

Oh, sorry—I mean “Stimulus Package”.

As you know, the US Government has recently “loaned” several mega corporations hundreds of billions of dollars. And the new administration and the congress are considering yet another round of several hundred billion—maybe even as much as a trillion dollars.

I don’t know if this is the best course of action or not. And nobody else knows for sure either. The wisdom of investing in—or giving money to—unprofitable companies is questionable at the least.

Personally, I think a trillion dollars loaned or granted to small businesses would have a better return. If I’ve done the math right (with so many zeros, it’s not easy) that would be roughly $40,000 for each of the approximately 25 million small businesses in America.

But I’m willing to bet that won’t happen.

Unless you’re a multi-billion dollar company in trouble, there will be no bailout for you.

If you’re hoping for one, I think you’ll be disappointed. Hope is not a strategy.

So you need to ask yourself, what strategies WILL you put in place?

What is your strategic plan?

And I think that now more than ever, it’s important to focus on tried-and-true principles and strategies. That’s what SuccessNet has been promoting and teaching since 1995.

There’s nothing wrong with new strategies and tactics—we talk about them, too. But solid values, proven principles and tested strategies will always have a better chance of success.

And that’s what our membership programs help you stay focused upon.

A Lifetime Gold Membership in SuccessNet is your basic support structure.

A Diamond Club Membership provides you with a more extensive support structure—including your own mastermind team and a close association with me.

If you’re not a member, what do you have for a support structure?

Building a business without a strong support structure is like learning to fly on a trapeze without a net. You might make it, but why risk it?

If you’re not already a Gold or Diamond Club Member, now is a great time to get started so you have help putting all the pieces of your business together.

I invite you to investigate which level of membership is right for you.

Find out about Lifetime Gold Membership here.

Diamond Club details are here.

If you have questions, we’ll do our best to answer them.

The important thing is that you not go without some kind of a support structure.

You don’t have to go it alone.

I encourage you to join the ranks of those who are building their businesses with more confidence and less fear, with better tools and more resources—nd with more clarity and focus.

PS: Each month we add even more benefits to our vast library of small business and personal development resources.

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