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Creating and Living Your Vision

Dawn and I went down to the Shelburne Shipyard on Sunday and took the winter cover off from our boat named Attitude. Click here for pics, if you haven’t seen her.

We popped the cork on a cold bottle of Sparkling Chardonnay and toasted the start of another sailing season on Lake Champlain.

Afterward, we walked around, champagne flutes in hand, basking in the warm afternoon sun and looking at all the other boats.

I couldn’t help but think back to a time, not all that many years ago, walking around this same shipyard. I was in awe of the size and beauty of these sleek vessels and also a bit envious of their owners as I wasn’t one of them.

Today, Attitude isn’t the biggest or the newest, but she is one of the biggest and certainly one of the most attractive yachts on the lake.

As we strolled through the yard, I was reminded of how my vision for this had come to fruition.

This week, the training call I delivered to my Diamond Club Members was on Crafting Your Vision.

I went over the powerful reasons why we should all have an inspiring Vision Statement for our life and our business—all driven by our Core Values and our Mission.

We talked about an inner and outer vision (private vs. public) and how important it is to have a clear intention of what we want to create. It just may have been the best training I did this year. It is an important topic and one neglected by many.

I shared what I see as the biggest challenges as to why people DON’T craft a vision, and I offered plenty of strategies to create and live into that vision.

A vision statement is a vivid, idealized description of a desired outcome that inspires, energizes you to create a mental picture of what you truly want.

As an example of a Vision Statement, I read some excerpts from my own Life Vision. And in reading it, I realized that almost every single thing I had written about had come true.

When I started this document in 1986 and updated it in ’96, my life didn’t look anything like what I was describing. I was broke, had mountains of debt and wasn’t sure how to grow my business.

But now, I’m living my dream and I’m very grateful.

I know you can live your dream, too.

I got here by following the teachings of the masters. I didn’t do things perfectly, and I wasn’t always consistent. But I was very clear about my outcome.

I had a vivid, emotionally driven picture of the life and company I wanted to create. And Dawn and I—and a few part-time people—worked toward making it a reality.

Now, it’s time to buff up that vision—or maybe create a whole new one. And I’m going to be spending all weekend doing just that in San Diego with Michael Gerber in “The Dreaming Room”.

I have great expectations for the process, so stay tuned.

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