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Love is in the Air

Michael & Dawn AngierHappy Valentine’s Day! As people around the world shower one another with hearts, candy and flowers, I trust you and your valentine will make this day special—even if that valentine is only you.

Eighteen years ago today, I asked Dawn to marry me. She must have seen some potential in me and in us because, at the time, I had no job, no business and no money. I’m fortunate she accepted my proposal and I’m grateful to spend my life with her.

Since that time, we’ve done our best to practice love. I think love really is a verb. I know it’s much more than an emotion. Love is what you give your time and your attention to. It’s an action, even if that action is one of thought—and thoughtfulness.

I also think that to love someone, we must first love ourselves. If we don’t do that, we have little, and maybe no love, to give anyone else. And loving ourselves, just like loving another person, requires action.

What do you do to love and nurture yourself? How do you treat yourself on a regular basis? What things do you do to actively bestow love upon yourself? I hope the answers are not hard for you to find, but I think for many people they are. Loving ourselves is not a selfish act, it’s a generous one. And it allows us to have more capacity to love others.

And while we’re on the subject of love, how about loving what you do? I haven’t always loved my work. But I’ve always worked to be able to love what I do. And I love writing, sharing, serving, learning and teaching what works. And I’m very appreciative of being able to do so.

If you don’t love what you do, I encourage you to find something you do love. Because I believe that if you don’t love what you do, you’ll likely lose out to someone who does.

Life is too short to work mostly out of obligation and need. You deserve to be doing something you truly enjoy doing. You, and the people in your life, will be better off for it.

So again, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Make it a great one.

The Rest of Your Life . . .

footprintsAny day now, I expect to get the call telling me my mother has passed on.

It‘s been less than two months since she was diagnosed with an incurable and inoperable cancer. And although her mind is strong and clear, every day her body gets weaker.

She has said her goodbyes, she’s at peace and she is without pain. She has nothing to resolve, no regrets and is appreciative of her long, well-lived life.

She will make her transition just as she has lived her 84 years—with grace, dignity, courage and compassion. She’s ready, but we will miss her greatly.

Watching someone experience their last days on earth can’t help but cause one to think more about our own mortality. One of the few things we know for sure is that we will all one day leave this earthly existence. And few of us will know when, where and how it will happen.

Life is short—or so it seems.

Regardless of how many days, months or years we have left, we all want to feel complete when we die. We want to have made a difference. We want to know that we mattered, that we’ve done something of significance.

What about you? What do you want to accomplish with the rest of your life? What dreams do you have left to achieve? What legacy do you want to leave?

My mother did not aspire to greatness. She simply did her best on a consistent basis. The result was, and is, a life well lived and an inspiration to many.

SuccessNet, the organization I founded 16 years ago this month, is dedicated to helping you experience more purpose, passion and prosperity. It—and we—have much more to do. If you have been informed, inspired and empowered to be your best, then I will feel we have succeeded. And I feel confident that the best is yet to come—for you and for SuccessNet.

I encourage you, as I am doing myself, to think deeply about achieving your full and unique potential. Richard Bach wrote, “Here’s a test to find out whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.”

Our Diamond Club and Inner Circle programs are uniquely designed to help you achieve your personal and professional best. And I would be glad to work with you in doing so.

Why SuccessNet is Better than Facebook

Don’t get me wrong. I like Facebook. My wife and I are both active on it personally and we also have a SuccessNet Fan Page.

But there are differences between Facebook and SuccessNet.

It’s unlikely SuccessNet will have millions of users. There just aren’t that many people who are serious about being successful.

The new social (or business) networking features we recently added to will also not keep up with all the bells and whistles that Facebook has. It’s very simple—and we wanted it that way.

So why do I say it’s better?

In a word . . .


Over the past 15 years, SuccessNet has published thousands of articles, audio files, helpful links, videos and eBooks all designed with one purpose—to help you and your business grow.

We’ve been helping great people and great companies become even better since 1995.

And now, in addition to being able to access all of these resources (almost all at no cost), you can also interact with, network, share, communicate with and “friend” other people who join our site.

And very shortly, you’ll be able to invite your friends to join the SuccessNet Network with an automated feature—and at no cost.

So just in case you may be saying to yourself, “Why would I want to add yet  ANOTHER social network into the mix?” consider this . . .

Business is all about relationship. In fact, LIFE is all about relationship. And with SuccessNet, you can learn success principles and philosophies and hang out with other people of like mind.

We like to say that we’ve been able to attract people who care about things that matter who want to make a difference.

And when you add the thousands of resources we have available to the networking capability we offer, it’s easy to see why you will benefit from being a member.

We like Facebook. It’s great. But your involvement in SuccessNet can be PROFOUND.

And THAT’S why I think SuccessNet beats Facebook.

Join SuccessNet for free here . . .

And get a boatload of freebies, discounts on SuccessNet and Nightingale Conant products, be able to create your own groups WITHIN SuccessNet and receive ongoing insights and recommendations to help you excel. Click here to join for free . . .

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