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Summer’s Closing Down . . . But Our Doors are Opening Again

Note: In the few weeks remaining of 2013, you DO NOT have to go it alone.

I trust you had a great summer. Hope you got to vacation, spend time with family and friends and experience some down time.

As we approach the unofficial end of summer here in the northern hemisphere, we are re-opening our most popular program—the Diamond Club Master Mind.

The beginning of September is a chance for a fresh start. The kids are back in school, and it’s time to for a second “New Year’s Day”. And to help you seize the day, we’ve opened the doors for you (closing again in mid-September).

Why We Created this Program
For over 17 years, we’ve been sharing information and offering inspiration and ideas to people from around the world to help them be more successful. Well over 300,000 people have been positively impacted. During that time, SuccessNet has become one of the most trusted sites on the Web.

But information—no matter how good—isn’t enough. I know, because I talk to people every day who have good information and inspiring goals. They work hard and they care about things that matter. They’ve experienced some success, but deep down inside, they know they can BE, DO and HAVE more in their life.

They’ve told me—YOU’VE told me—that you need help. You need more structure, more support and more accountability. You’re looking for a way to fuel that fire and passion that makes life worthwhile and gives you the ability to take action and move forward.

That’s what Diamond Club is all about. To find out more and reserve your spot,
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PS: (Bonus) All new and existing DC Members get the new Lifestyle Business System as part of their Diamond Club experience—at no extra charge.
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A Tribute to J. Francis Angier on His 90th Birthday

dadOne of my favorite poems was written by Edgar Guest entitled “I’d Rather See a Sermon than Hear One Any Day.”

It relates to much of the ways I see my father.

Like many fathers, Dad gave me a great deal of advice over the years. And like many sons, I rarely listened to it.

But, you see, I did observe my father. I saw what he did, and what he didn’t do.

He never had to tell me about being honest and having integrity, he just lived honestly and with integrity.

He never needed to lecture me about hard work and industry. I saw him work hard every day of his working life.

My father never needed to talk to me about being respectful to women. He just was. In fact, I never heard him denigrate women in any way. And he was always respectful and honoring of my mother.

He didn’t have to preach safety—although he did. He just went out of his way to practice safety in everything we did. It’s likely why most of his crew survived being shot down over Germany in the fall of 1944. And none of my family was ever seriously injured on our farm.

Dad didn’t talk much about humility and generosity. He simply demonstrated it all the time.

He didn’t spend much time explaining the value of good planning. But he planned his work and his business carefully.

He didn’t have to advise me on the value of education. Because he was a lifelong learner. And he read, and still does read, every day.

Dad didn’t tell us to love our country. But we knew he was a patriot and how much his country—and his service to it—meant to him.

So although the advice was there, what mattered most was demonstrating his best at being a good man. And it made all of us boys want to be a good man as well.

He set the standards pretty high. And I know I haven’t lived up to them all the time. Perhaps he didn’t either. But I know he did his best.

His sermon was, and still is, his life. And it mattered.

I’m so proud of you Dad. Happy 90th birthday!

ron-cover-smallNote: His first book, Ready or Not: Into the Wild Blue,
is available on Amazon (print and Kindle version)

How Good is Your Success Thinking?

Are You a Successful Thinker? Are You Sure?

Here’s a test to determine if your thinking is as good as it should be: If you aren’t consistently getting what you want in life, then it isn’t.

You may think you’re a positive person, and you probably are. You may be confident you aren’t like all those “stinking thinkers” out there. And you’re probably right.

But who we are and what we achieve in life is in direct relationship to how we think, what we think and how consistent we are in doing so.

And if you’re not consistently manifesting what you want, it’s not due to something “out there”. It’s because of what you are, and have been, thinking about.

Success is an inner game. Sure, it takes action to accomplish great things. But you won’t take the right actions and won’t take them often enough without the right THINKING.

I’m not talking about just “positive thinking.” It’s much deeper than that. In fact, a great deal of positive thinking is wishful “Pollyanna” thinking. We all know people who “act” positive” and seem to say all the right things, but are broke and unaccomplished. And that’s why PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) has such a bad rep. It’s better than negative thinking, for sure. But it’s still surface stuff.

It’s no simple thing. There’s a lot to it. But what we think about and HOW we think is more responsible for the results we produce than most people realize.

I’m betting you agree with me on the importance of successful thinking. But I challenge you to consider that your thinking is nowhere near what it could and should be.

Stick with us as we continue to explore the explosive power of Thinking Successfully. Watch for a special training I’m going to conduct soon on The Science of Successful Thinking.

It will be free for all Gold Members and above.

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